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I grew up on the ball fields of Akron, Ohio.
The sport played, baseball, basketball or football
depended on the season and the APBA sport played depended on the weather and the season.
I (in mid-60's) found one of my Dad's old APBA baseball board games from the mid-50's
and squirreled it away under my bed.
I played it with anybody, mostly Mark Clay, a buddy down the street, or my older brother.
In high school I actually gave up basketball for wrestling.
From there I went off to Ohio State University
and later on to the
University of Wisconsin receiving a PhD in Biochemistry in the mid-80's.
Regretfully during those years there was a hiatus of playing APBA
(I really don't know what came over me).
I collected a wife, 4 kids, a cat, couple cars, house, mortgage...
In the mean time migrating from Madison, WI through Chicago to our current home.
When my oldest son got to be about 7 or 8 in the early 90's we rediscovered the
APBA baseball board game.
When it became apparent that he could play the game
Around '98 I threw out my shoulder effectively ending my hard ball play.
The arm seemed to have healed by summer of '01 and I tried the game again,
but lo' the rest of my body seems to have went in the mean time.
Hanging up the spikes
I've turned to satisfy the addiction with BBW.
I tend to pick up teams that are left in less than optimal condition from their previous owners
to see what I can do with them.