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White Mountain Summer League

The White Mountains Summer League was formed in 1998 and will be know as WMSL This will be a modern day league with continuous ownership league and all players, once drafted,           will remain with your team until traded or released.

A. APBA Baseball for Windows (BBW) Version 5.5 or 5.0 will be the program used by the WSML.
    1-All mangers must have a copy of this program and League Manager, Advanced draft and Statmaster to participate in the WSML
B. The league is composed of 2 Leagues Bill Brenn League and Van Phillips League.
C. The league is composed of 4 Divisions, Roger Lawson Division, Babe Ruth Division, Willie Mays Division, and Ty Cobb Division
D. This is a full AIM league with injuries and fatigue used in this league.
E. The Bill Brenn League will be DH and Van Phillips will be Non DH leagues  
F. Any games may be played live via Netmeeting or pcAnywhere
G. There will be no free agents picked up during the season (except in extreme situations).
H. There will be no home park effects in WMSL

A. The commissioner will provide the initial Organization Disk prior to the season. Please do not set up your own organization disk.
B. The season will start at a time determined by the commissioner.  The season will run for approximately 6 months.
C. Prior to the season, all managers will send a roster file with lineups and rotations to the commissioner.
D. Each manager will have the opportunity to make changes to his active roster, rotation, and lineups before each series.
E. All new rules will be voted in before the draft, 51% of the owners will enact a new rule to the league
F. All rule changes will take 2/3 of the owners to change, and will be voted in before the draft.

A. The WSML series will be 3, 4 or 5  games in length vs one opponent
B. Games will be played weekly.
C. Franchise files with game results will be due to the commissioner by 8 PM central time zone on the stated due date.
D. The commissioner will send results file out
E. Any manager desiring to make changes to his active roster, rotation or lineups can submit a new default file with in 24 hours, by 8 PM central time.
F. The commissioner will send a new games file out within 24 hours after the results file are due in the commissioner's office.
G. Any trades that are made during a week must be reported to the commissioner by both teams before the commissioner file is sent out in order to use the players in that week’s games.
H. All teams will send results to the commissioner via WMSL YahooGroups.
I. All C-files and F-files will be sent via WMSL Yahoogroups.
J. Any team that doesn't put a micro-manager in for his team, the home team will use Felipe Hernandez as the default manager for the visiting team.
K. Rain Outs the commissioner will reschedule the game if needed.
L. Playoffs series may be played live. Owners will decide if live play is an option. If not, the teams will exchange files and play their own home games.
M. Scripts will be sent if requested by owner or the commissioners office.
N. If owner wants a copy of the scripts he is to notify the owner he is playing and the commissioners office.
O. Owners that don't get files in on time and don't will have the penalties
    3 missed results = 3rd round pick lost
    5 missed results = 3rd and 2nd round picks lost
    7 missed results = 3rd, 2nd and 1st round picks lost
    And then after 7 missed results you may be asked to leave the league.
    If an owner has a problem and can't meet dead lines they are to contact the Commissioner and then we will work around the problem and no penalty will be fined against that owner.
P. If picks are lost and a new owner takes over the team, the picks will be restored.
Q. Player steal allowance in the play will be 149.9% of his actual attempts were in MLB

A. Team rosters will be limited to 40 players, including up to four (4) prospects. The big league roster will be 26 men and the balance on the farm team.
     Prospects are defined as minor league players, amateur players, or uncarded major league players.
     1-PROSPECT players are those who are not carded by APBA for the current season (and placed by the manager on the PROSPECT roster) or have never been carded.
         When placed on this list, these players carry a three (3) year contract.
     2-If a player does not receive an APBA card in three years, he is automatically waived and eligible to be drafted by any team during the next pre-season draft
     3-PROSPECT players carry their three year contract when traded; the time does not reset with the new team.

A. As used in this league “Carded” means “played in the major leagues” APBA currently rates ALL players who appeared in the majors and all players appear on the data disk
B. Uncarded and PROSPECT players CANNOT appear in an WSML league game.
C. During the final month of the season, all carded players on your roster are eligible to be active. Commissioner will notify the league of the date that this may take place.
D. Teams will carry on their rosters a max of 26 players on the Big League Team.

A. Trading is open all year. However, in season trades must be completed by the end of 4 months of play to take effect for the rest of that season.
     The commissioner will announce the specific date for each season. Any trades made after that date will not take effect until the off-season
B. Trades made IN SEASON must adhere to roster restrictions. If a trade gives a manager more than 40 players he MUST cut a player (or players) immediately.
C. Trades made in the OFF SEASON do not have to adhere to all the roster rules. A team may acquire more than 40 players in the off season prior to the draft,
     but must cut to 40 players before the draft starts.
D. IMPORTANT NOTE: Managers must be careful when trading for PROSPECTS. Teams may never have more than 4 prospects.
     If it is determined by the commissioner that the number of PROSPECTS the manager has who will not receive cards is four (4), then any trade involving an fifth PROSPECT will be voided
E. Draft picks may only be traded for the immediate upcoming pre-season draft. Trading of future draft picks (two or more years away) is not allowed.
    The conclusion of the pre-season draft marks the time that next year’s draft picks can be traded.
F. Trades are deemed complete when both managers notify the commissioner. Each owner is to send to the commissioner what the deal is and that they confirm this deal. Once CONFIRMED,
    the commissioner will then announce the trade to the league.
G. Owners must confirm deal with 48 hours, the owner that sent me the trade may pull the trade off the table if other owner doesn't confirm in 48 hours.

A. The winners of each division will make the playoffs
B. The teams with the best 2 records in each league that doesn't win their division will make the playoffs as a “Wild Card” team.
C. In the event of a tie a ONE GAME playoff will determine the division winners or a wild card team.
    1- Ties for division titles will be broken before any ties for a wild card spot are determined.
    2- A coin flip will determine the home team for any one game playoff game.  
D. Playoff setting for games will be set to 40 games in stead of the 162 we use for the regular season.
E. Playoff series will be 2-3-2 series
F. The wild card teams will play the Division winner, best record for division winners plays the wild card team with the worst record in the same league.
G. All players will be reset for the start of playoffs, any injury or fatigue that happen during the playoffs will stand.
H. Teams roster for the playoffs will be 26 man roster. You will not be able to move men up or down unless their is an injury to a player, that will put him out for the rest of the playoff season.
     If that happens then you can bring up a player between series, but that player must be able to play the position of the player that he is replacing.

A. The pre-season draft will be at a time determined by the commissioner
B. The draft will be via email and each owner will be given up to 24 hours to make their pick and if needed Commissioner may have to adjust time allowed.
C. If an owner misses his pick he may make it up at any time.
D. The draft will consist of:
    1. In reverse order of finish from the previous WSML season
        a-The 8 playoff teams will draft 13-20, regardless of record
        b-The 2 LCS losers will draft 17 and 18
        c-The World Series Loser will draft 19
        d-The WMSL League Champion will draft 20
        e. The order for ties will be determined by the season win/lost record,
                if tied then we will go to head to head games,
                if still tied we will use division record,
                if still tied we will use runs scored in the season,
                if still tied the commissioner will flip a coin.
    2-All players (professional or amateur) not currently on WMSL rosters will be eligible for drafting
    3-The draft will be 8 rounds
    4-Teams that go over the 40 man roster including prospect have 7 days to cut down to the 40 man roster before the draft.

A. At the conclusion of the pre-season draft and a brief trading period, rosters will be cut to 40 players
B. All released players, as well as all carded players not drafted in January will be available for the waiver process
C. The order of selection of players is the same as Round 1 of the January draft.
D. There will be 3 rounds in the waiver draft, if you pick a player you must cut one at that time.
E. This draft will be via email and each owner will have 24 hours to notify the commissioner on their pick, if no pick is made in that period, that pick will be lost and we move on.

A. The WMSL uses full Advanced Injury Management (AIM).
B. Players will be allowed to attempt 150% of their total steal attempts for the season. If picks are lost and a new owner takes over the team, the picks will be restored.
        1-If a player attempts more it will cost the owner his third round draft pick for the first violation.
        2-Second violation will cost him his second round pick only.
        3-Third violation his first round pick only.
        4-Fourth violation first round and third pick.
        5-Fifth violation first round and second round pick.
        6-Sixth violation first, second and third round picks.
C. All injuries incurred during WMSL play will count.
D. Injuries WILL NOT carry over into the playoffs.
E. All  starting pitchers grade 3 or lower will have their MBF change to 1000 and all relief pitchers will have their MBF change to 400
F. We will allow the 930 rule in WMSL
G. Player steal allowance in the playoffs will be what his actual attempts were in MLB

A. AIM takes care of virtually all of our player restrictions. As long as a player is not injured you can keep using him, even if it is more than he was used in real life.
B. STEALING covered by rule Section XI Article B

A. The commissioner’s role is to best serve the interests of the White Mountain Summer League
B. The commissioner has the right to appoint his Vice Commissioner
C. The commissioner shall have the authority to mediate disputes on organizational issues or between managers and make final decisions when all sides of an issue have been presented.
D. The commissioner shall have the authority to assess penalties and or dismiss managers for habitual late stats or league correspondence, (this includes email to other owners),
     or other conduct detrimental to the WMSL. This specifically includes collusion or cheating of any type.
E.  The commissioner, above all, shall strive to be accessible to league members and help promote communication and understanding among the members of the WMSL
F.  If the commissioner ruling is taken to the board for review, he will send a report to the board members within 48 hours stating why the ruling was made in that manner.

A. To help the commissioner and handle the Webmaster page for the league.
B. To appoint a 5 man review board for the league he will not sit on this board.
C. The board will have final say on all matter during the season once the commissioner has ruled on it and if a owner is not happy with the ruling he may take it to the review board.
D. If any board member/members is part of a dispute between the commissioner and himself, he/they will not be allowed to sit for that review.

A. There will be 5 owner's appointed by the Vice Commissioner, will hold their seat as long as they want and they are a owner in WMSL
B. They will review any complaint by an owner in WMSL during the playing season, once the commissioner has made his ruling on a matter for him or his team.
C. Any member/members of this board can only be replaced if a owner ask the commissioner to hold a league vote to remove that board member/members.
D. If a vote is held to remove a board member/members it will take 3/4 of the owner's to have him/them replaced.
E. All reviews held by this board will give there vote to the Vice Commissioner, and he will report the results to the league,
    but the Vice Commissioner will be the only person that will know how each board member voted.
F. In the case that the board is dead locked, the Commissioner will have the deciding vote on the matter in front of the review board.
G. All owners that want a ruling to be reviewed by the review board must notify the commissioner within 48 hours of  his ruling or the matter is closed.