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2005 Trades

 1-1/06/05 Millers Tavern sends their 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th round draft picks to Clayton for Jason Phillips
 2-1/08/05 Cuyahoga sends Christian Guzman, Eric Milton, and Laynce Nix to North 40 for Adrian Beltre
 3-1/08/05 New Orleans sends Kazmir, Derek Lowe, Cliff Lee and John Parrish to West End for Penny, Omar Vizquel and Looper
 4-1/09/05 Clayton Mosquitoes trade P Jorge Julio to the West Lawn Witchburners for P Tim Worrell
 5-1/11/05 St. Lucie sends Ben Broussard & Scott Podsednick, along with the 7th & 8th picks in the 2005 draft to Imperial for Gary Sheffield
 6-1/11/05 New Orleans send Polanco and Segui to Imperial for DuBose and Otsuka
 7-1/12/05 Imperial trades Piazza and their 5th and 6th round picks in the draft to Arizona for their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks in the draft
 8-1/16/05 Capitol City sends Willie Harris to Revolting for Luis Gonzalez
 9-1/24/05 Clayton #5, #6, #7 and #8 to West Lawn for their #5 and Rich Aurilia
10-1/25/05 Clayton trades their 5th round pick #85 to the Capitol City Bombers for Dustan Moh
11-1/26/05 Cuyahoga sends Orlando Hudson and Kyle Lohse to MetroMess for Jose Reyes
12-1/28/05 Clayton Mosquitoes trade SS Alex Cintron to the Cuyahoga Redskins for P Wade Miller
13-2/5/05 Clayton send Ben Grieve to MetroMess for their 8th round pick
14-2/5/05 Clayton send Danny Graves and Scott Sullivan to North 40 for their # 7 and # 8 picks
15-2/5/05 Clayton send Danny Graves and Scott Sullivan to North 40 for their # 7 and # 8 picks
15-2/16/05 Cuyahoga sends Ricardo Rodriguez and their 6th round 2006 Rookie Draft pick to MetroMess for their 2006 3rd round pick.
16-2/17/05 New Orleans sends Shawn Green, Paul Byrd, DuBose and 2006 Rookie Draft 5th round pick to Revolting for Castilla, Alou and Tavarez
17-2/17/05 Corpus Christi send Alex Gonzalez and its 2006 third round draft choice to Revolting for J.T. Snow
18-2/17/05 New Orleans sends Burnett and their 4th round pick in 2006 to Denver for Tom Glavine and Schneider
19-2/17/05 Cuyahoga sends Hee Seep Choi to Washington For Clint Nageotte and Washington's first round draft pick in 2006
20-2/17/05 Amsterdam sends LoDuca,Wachter and #5 2006 draft pick to MetroMess for Chris Carpenter
21-/19/05 West Lawn sends Travis Harper to Oregon for their 4th round pick
23-5/28/05 Clayton trades Clayton #1, Clayton #2, P Danys Baez, and SS Alex Cora to Cohawkin for P Armando Benitez and SS Nomar Garciaparra
24-6/24/05 Clayton sends John Lackey and their #3 & #4 to Cohawkin for Odalis Perez
25-7/25/05 Cohawkin trades Austin Kearns to New Orleans for Gustavo Chacin