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2004 Trades

1-1/9/04 Bakersfield send Clayton and Herge and their 4th round pick #62 pick to Colorado in exchange for Bradley and N Perez and their 4th round pick #79 pick.
2-1/10/04 Colorado sends Kotsay to Germantown for Burnitz
Bakersfield send Grieve, Baez, Tatis and 2nd round pick #22, 5th round pick #82 to Colorado for Sheffeild and Radke and Scott Stewart and 6th round pick #114
4-1/10/04 Bakersfield send Stewart to New Orleans for 6th round pick #119 and Villafuerte
5-1/10/04 New Orleans sends R. Alomar, Ray King, 2nd round pick #34 and 4th round pick #74 to Wally for Polanco and Quantrill
6-1/10/04 Wally sends Cory Lidle to Bakersfield for Travis Lee and Cesar Izturis
7-1/11/04 Colorado sends Ramon Ortiz, Rich Aurilia, Mike Matheny and 8th round pick #154 to West Lawn for Alex Cintron, and Greg Zaun
8-1/12/04 New Orleans send DeRosa and their 7th round pick #139 to West Lawn for Jamie Walker
9-1/13/04 Wally sends Blake to Crazy Canucks for their 6th round pick #106 in draft
10-1/14/04 Washington sends Edgardo Alfonzo to Colorado for Eric Hinske
11-1/14/04 Bakersfield sends Mike Cameron and their 3rd round pick #42 to West Lawn for Mike Piazza and Kenny Lofton
12-1/14/04 Bakersfield sends Sean Casey and the 79th pick in the draft to Pittsburgh in exchange for Paul Wilson and the 63rd pick in the draft.
13-1/17/04  New Orleans sends Andy Marte and Kinkade to Cuyahoga for Stan Spencer, Rafael Soriano and their 5th round pick #100 in the rookie draft. 
14-1/17/04 New Orleans sends Greg Maddux and Rafael Soriano to Colorado for Javier Vazquez
15-1/17/04 Moosic Mountain sends Jarrod Washburn, Casey Fossum and their 4th round pick #75 and 6th round pick #115 to West Lawn for Nomo and their 8th round pick #154
16-1/17/04 Washington trades their 4th round pick #71 to Millers Tavern for the Moonshiners 5th #87 and 6th #107 round picks.
17-1/25/04 Colorado sends Alfonso Soriano to West Lawn for Roger Clemens, Ray Durham and Chin Hui Tsao
18-1/27/04 Millers Tavern trades their 7th (#127) and 8th (#147) for pick #115 from West Lawn
19-1/30/04 West Lawn sends Reggie Sanders, Tino Martinez and Ishii to Oregon for Brad Penny and J.J.Hardy
20-2/18/04 New Orleans sends Dubose and Stan Spencer to Imperial for Hanley Ramirez
21-2/19/04 Revolting sends their 3rd round pick in 2005 to Colorado for pitcher Rodrigo Lopez
22-2/21/04 Colorado sends Koch to West Lawn for Burks
23-2/22/04 New Orleans sends Casey Kotchman to Denver for Jason Phillips
24-3/11/04 Millers Tavern sends Durazo to Oregon for Lugo and their 4th round pick in 2005 Rookie Draft
25-4/12/04 New Orleans sends Alex Rodriguez, Todd Ritchie, Embree, Lew Ford and Todd Hollandsworth  to Dublin for Derrek Lee, Orlando Cabrera, Dye, Cliff Lee and Byung Kim
26-5/19/04 New Orleans sends their 3rd round pick in the 2005 rookie draft and Robert Machado to Syracuse for Chone Figgins
27-5/29/04 Cuyahoga sends Alex Sanchez and Chris Snelling to Revolting for Dallas McPherson and Endy Chavez
28-7/4/04 Clayton trade Rafael Soriano to the Revolting Red Raiders for Rod Barajas
29-7/5/04 New Orleans sends Jason Phillips and Danny Graves to Clayton for Charles Johnson and Tyler Houston
30-7/5/04 Clayton trade Jose Valverde and Brian Fuentes to the Amsterdam Canalers for Tomo Ohka and Brandon Larson
31-11/1/04 Cuyahoga Juan Uribe to Arizona for B.J. Upton
32-11/3/04 Cuyahoga sends JD Drew and AJ Burnett to Imperial for Miguel Cabrera and Imperials 8th round pick
33-11/9/04 New Orleans sends Matt Morris and their 2nd round rookie pick to Imperial for A.J.Burnett
34-11/10/04 Cuyahoga sends Coco Crisp and Endy Chavez to Oregon for its 1st and 6th round pick
35-11/15/04 New Orleans send J.Vazquez to MetroMess for Pavano
36-11/17/04 New Orleans sends Hanley Ramirez, Adam LaRoche, Dye, their 1st and 4th round draft picks to Revolting for K.Brown, R.Lopez, and Paul Byrd