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2003 Wavier Draft

1-Portsmouth Funkadelics John Stephens SP
2-Collingswood Barry Larkin SS
3-Pittsburgh Innocents Tony Alvarez  OF
4-Revolting Red Raiders T. J. Tucker  OF
5-Richmond Rebels Jung Bong - P
6-Valley Forge Colonials Brent Abernathy 2b
7-Oklahoma Sooners Tanyon Sturtze-sp.
8-Utah Utes! Dave Burba SP
9-Cuyahoga Redskins J.T.Snow 1b
10-Germantown Blues Corkey Miller C
11-Washington Road Warriors Michael Restovich OF
12-Rogersville RoadRunners Saloman Torres SP
13-Antelope River Cats Rich Bauer RP
14-Austin Astros Andy Van Hekken SP
15-Wally Bears Victor Zambrano SP
16-Amsterdam Canalers Javier Valentin C
17-Crazy Canucks Jeriomie Robertson SP
18-Capitol City Bombers  Keith Lockhart 2b
19-Moosic Mountain Buzzards Ramon Martinez SS
20-New Orleans Cajun's Jason Davis SP

Round 2

21-Revolting Red Raiders Wily Mo Pena OF
22-Pittsburgh Innocents Aaron Cook SP
23-Collingswood Tom Wilson C
24-Portsmouth Funkadelics Luis De Los Santos RP
25-Richmond Rebels Mickey Callaway SP
26-Valley Forge Colonials Ramon Santiago SS
27-Oklahoma Sooners Brian Buchanan OF
28-Utah Utes! Jonathan Johnson  SP
29-Cuyahoga Redskins Matt Ginter RP
30-Germantown Blues Darryl Kile SP
31-Washington Road Warriors Hill RP
32-Rogersville RoadRunners John Thomson SP
33-Antelope River Cats Scott Erickson SP
34-Austin Astros Pedro Feliz 3b
35-Wally Bears Charles Gipson OF
36-Amsterdam Canalers Miguel Asencio SP
37-Crazy Canucks 24 hours passed
38-Capitol City Bombers Luther Hackman RP
39-Moosic Mountain Buzzards 24 expried
40-New Orleans Cajun's Joe Roa SP

Round 3

41-Portsmouth Funkadelics Guillermo Mota RP
42-Collingswood Passes
43-Pittsburgh Innocents JJ Davis OF
44-Revolting Red Raiders Tom Prince C
45-Richmond Rebels Todd Greene C
46-Valley Forge Colonials Hammonds OF
47-Oklahoma Sooners Terry Shumpert 2b
48-Utah Utes! Rick White RP
49-Cuyahoga Redskins Bruce Chen RP
50-Germantown Blues Damian Jackson 2b
51-Washington Road Warriors Adam Everett ss
52-Rogersville RoadRunners Micah Bowie RP
53-Antelope River Cats Paul Pako C
54-Austin Astros Shinjo OF
55-Wally Bears Casey Blake 3b
56-Amsterdam Canalers Orosco RP
57-Crazy Canucks Corey Thurman RP
58-Capitol City Bombers Kevin Young 1b
59-Moosic Mountain Buzzards 24 expired
60-New Orleans Cajun's Mike Kinkade 1b