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2003  Trades

  1-10/17/02 Cuyahoga Redskins send Craig Biggio and Joe Girardi to Philadelphia Cheese Steaks for Javy Lopez and its 2nd round pick #28
  2-10/17/02 Cuyahoga sends Bernie Williams, Placido Polanco, Todd Pratt and Chad Bradford to Wally for Sean Burroughs, Russ Ortiz, Jason Larue, and New Orleans #1 pick (#20 overall)
  3-10/19/02 Cuyahoga trades Russ Ortiz to Valley Forge for Brandon Phillips and Valley Forge's 3rd round pick #46
  4-1-25/03 Cuyahoga trades Corey Lidle and Greg Colbrunn to Wally for its 1st round pick (#15 overall) and Chris Snelling
  5-1/28/03 Cuyahoga sends Ellis Burks, Kenny Lofton and Omar Vizquel to Utah for Andruw Jones, Neifi Perez and Utah's 3rd round pick (#48 overall)
Rogersville sends Ray Durham ,Adam Dunn, and Guzman to Cuyahoga for Gary Sheffield , Castillo and David Wells
  7-2/9/03 New Orleans sends their 7th round pick #140 to Revolting for B. Sanitago
  8-2/9/03 New Orleans sends V. De Los Santos to Utah for Steve Reed 

  9-2/9/03 Portsmouth sends Womack to San Jose for picks #48 & #51
Cuyahoga sends Mariano Rivera and the #20 overall pick in the upcoming draft to Wally for Nick Johnson
11-2/15/03 New Orleans send picks #40, #80, #120 to Revolting for picks #4 and #124

12-2/16/03 Cuyahoga sends Andruw Jones to Rogersville for JD Drew and pick #32
13-2/19/03 Cuyahoga sends Ray Durham and Roger Clemens to Utah for Tomo Ohka and pick #68
14-2/21/03 New Orleans sends Chris Benson Mendoza & pick #100 to Portsmouth for picks #24 & #81
New Orleans sends B.Santiago to Oklahoma for pick #27
Cuyahoga sends picks #69 and #149 to Revolting
CC Sabathia
Wally trades picks #55 and #115 to Cuyahoga for Brian Schneider
Amsterdam sends picks #1, #5 and Milton to Cuyahoga for Ohka and LaRue
Wally trades their 8th round pick  #155 to Richmond for Mike Jackson
20-2/25/03 Collingswood sends their 7th round pick (#122) to Richmond for Ryan Jensen
21-4/3/03 Cuyahoga trades JT Snow to Revolting for Wily Mo Pena
22-6/12/03 New Orleans sends Lackey and Matsui to Cooper Bullies for Luis Castillo and Mike Hampton
23-7/15/03 New Orleans sends Jason Davis to Richmond for Koskie
24-9/15/03 Amsterdam trades their #4 pick in the upcoming draft to Richmond for Mark Bellhorn and Wally's 8th round pick
25-12/12/03 Wally sends 1B Carlos Delgado, OF Mike Cameron, and OF Roger Cedeno to Syracuse for OF Geoff Jenkins, 3B Joe Crede,RP Joe Borowski and a 6th round pick
26-12/15/03 Millers Tavern sends their 8th round pick (147th overall) to Germantown for their 8th round pick (157th overall) and Zeile
27-12/19/03 Pittsburgh Innocents send Kevin Brown to Revolting for its 1st round pick (#5 overall).
28-12/23/03 New Orleans sends their 1st #19, 2nd #39, and 4th #79 to Cooper for Billy Wagner, their 2nd #34, and 4th #74 in the draft
29-12/27/03 Washington sends Rafael Soriano,Ben Davis Hee Seop Choi and a #1 Rookie Draft (#11 overall) pick to Cuyahoga. In return Cuyahoga sends to Washington Javy Lopez and Morgan Ensberg
30-12/27/03 Cuyahoga sends Livan Hernandez and Marquis Grissom to Amsterdam for Gil Meche and Juan Uribe
31-12/29/03 New Orleans Larry Walker, Guardado, Scott Stewart to Colorado for Shawn Green, Andrew Jones, Rey King
32-12/30/03 Capitol City sends Todd Helton, Charles Johnson, Rich Aurilia, Milton Bradley and Scott Sullivan to Colorado for Aubrey Huff, Jason Kendall, Edgar Renteria, Hidecki Matsui, Brendan Donnelly and Eddie Guardado
33-12/30/03 Revolting sends their second round pick number 25 and third round pick number 45 to New Orleans for to Moises Alou, and Steve Reed.
34-12/31/03 Cuyahoga trades Jose Contreras, John Halama, and Neifi Perez to Colorado for Wade Miller and AJ Burnett