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Round 1

 1-Portsmouth Funkadelics Oliver Perez
 2-Collingswood SPIVEY
 3-Pittsburgh Innocents Jose Reyes Prospect
 4-Revolting Red Raiders #11 to New Orlenas 2/15/03 Lackey
 5-Richmond Rebels  Brett Myers
 6-Valley Forge Colonials  Moss
 7-Oklahoma Sooners Eischen
 8-Utah Utes! (Westside Sourmugs) trade to (Porcelain Fieldmice) #23 to Richmond 2/26/02 Johan Santana
 9-Cuyahoga Redskins Victor Martinez
10-Germantown Blues  Romero
11-Washington Road Warriors  Rafael Soriano
12-Rogersville RoadRunners Rodrigo Lopez
13-Antelope River Cats  Randy Winn
14-Austin Astros  Cris Hammond
15-Wally Bears trade #4 to Cuyhaoga 1/25/03 Francisco Rodriguez
16-Amsterdam Canalers  Holmes
17-Crazy Canucks Latroy Hawkins
18-Capitol City Bombers (Collingswood Cobras) trade #31 to Richmond 4/25/02 John Patterson
19-Moosic Mountain Buzzards Mark Ellis
20-New Orleans Cajun's trade #32 to Wally 4/28/02, trade #2 to Cuyahoga, trade #10 to Wally 2/13/03 Crudale

Round 2

21-Revolting Red Raiders Paul Byrd
22-Pittsburgh Innocents Rocco Baldelli Prospect
23-Collingswood Karros
24-Portsmouth Funkadelics trade #14 to New Orleans 2/21/03 Embree
25-Richmond Rebels  Bobby Hill
26-Valley Forge Colonials Juan Acevedo
27-Oklahoma Sooners trade #15 to New Orleans 2/21/03 Hideki Matsui Prospect
28-Utah Utes! (Philly Cheese Steaks) trade #1 to Cuyahoga Carl Crawford
29-Cuyahoga Redskins Orlando Hudson
30-Germantown Blues  C. Reitsma
31-Washington Road Warriors Simon
32-Rogersville RoadRunners trade #12 to Cuyahoga 2/16/03 Jose Cantreras Prospect
33-Antelope River Cats Mike Young
34-Austin Astros Cliff Lee
35-Wally Bears Herbert Perry
36-Amsterdam Canalers  Thurston
37-Crazy Canucks Kevin Mench
38-Capitol City Bombers (Collingswood Cobras) trade #31 to Richmond 4/25/02 Runelvys Hernandez
39-Moosic Mountain Buzzards  Francisco Cordero
40-New Orleans Cajun's trade #11 to Revolting 2/15/03 Timo Perez

Round 3

41-Portsmouth Funkadelics Travis Hafner
42-Collingswood Borowski
43-Pittsburgh Innocents Jason Jennings
44-Revolting Red Raiders Sauerbeck
45-Richmond Rebels Miguel Olivo
46-Valley Forge Colonials trade #3 to Cuyahoga 10/19/02 Kyle Lohse
47-Oklahoma Sooners (lost pick) Womack over steal attempts
48-Utah Utes! trade #5 to Cuyahoga 1/28/03 Brian Schneider
49-Cuyahoga Redskins ((Baltimore Ripkens) (Lumbee Indians)) trade #22 to Richmond 2/25/02 Gavin Floyd - Prospect
50-Germantown Blues Orlando Hernandez
51-Washington Road Warriors  Werth
52-Rogersville RoadRunners Donnelly
53-Antelope River Cats  Mora
54-Austin Astros Kielty
55-Wally Bears trade # 17 to Cuyahoga 2/22/03 Ricardo Rodriguez
56-Amsterdam Canalers Overbay
57-Crazy Canucks Woodward
58-Capitol City Bombers (Collingswood Cobras) trade #26 to Crazy Canucks 3/7/02 Durocher
59-Moosic Mountain Buzzards  Kenny Rogers
60-New Orleans Cajun's Villafuerte

Round 4

61-Revolting Red Raiders Fiore
62-Pittsburgh Innocents Lilly
63-Collingswood Silva
64-Portsmouth Funkadelics BJ Upton Prospect
65-Richmond Rebels Scott Williamson
66-Valley Forge Colonials Marte
67-Oklahoma Sooners (Great Lakes Armadas) trade #30 to Richmond 4/22/02, trade #36 to Wally 4/30/02 Adam Wainwright Prospect
68-Utah Utes! trade #12 to Cuyahoga 2/19/03 Jesse Foppert Prospect
69-Cuyahoga Redskins trade #16 to Revolting 2/21/03 McCracken
70-Germantown Blues  Brazelton
71-Washington Road Warriors Jerome Williams Prospect
72-Rogersville RoadRunners Gabe White
73-Antelope River Cats Mackowiak
74-Austin Astros  Guthrie
75-Wally Bears trade #44 to (Westside) 8/3/02 Cuyahoga Alex Sanchez 
76-Amsterdam Canalers Brandon Larson
77-Crazy Canucks Jose Vizcaino
78-Capitol City Bombers (Collingswood Cobras) trade #37 to Washington 5/2/02 John Buck Prospect
79-Moosic Mountain Buzzards Rich Harden Prospect
80-New Orleans Cajun's trade #11 to Revolting 2/15/03 Bennett

Round 5

 81-Portsmouth Funkadelics trade #14 to New Orleans 2/21/03 DeRosa
 82-Collingswood J.T.Snow
 83-Pittsburgh Innocents Stark
 84-Revolting Red Raiders Franklyn German
 85-Richmond Rebels Colby Lewis
 86-Valley Forge Colonials Lincoln
 87-Oklahoma Sooners Andy Fox
 88-Utah Utes! (Westside Sourmugs) trade to (Porcelain Fieldmice) #23 to Richmond 2/26/02 Jason Lane
 89-Cuyahoga Redskins Geronimo Gil
 90-Germantown Blues Neal
 91-Washington Road Warriors  Ramon Castro
 92-Rogersville RoadRunners Cora
 93-Antelope River Cats  Reggie Taylor
 94-Austin Astros Andy Ashby
 95-Wally Bears Koplove
 96-Amsterdam Canalers  Grant Roberts
 97-Crazy Canucks Stone
 98-Capitol City Bombers Valdes
 99-Moosic Mountain Buzzards  David Roberts
100-New Orleans Cajun's trade #14 to Portmouth 2/21/03 J Sandberg

Round 6

101-Revolting Red Raiders Chavez
102-Pittsburgh Innocents Josh Bard
103-Collingswood Bauer
104-Portsmouth Funkadelics A.Harang
105-Richmond Rebels Cerda
106-Valley Forge Colonials Julio Santana
107-Oklahoma Sooners Shields
108-Utah Utes! Tomko
109-Cuyahoga Redskins Tallet
110-Germantown Blues  Bobby Jenks Prospect
111-Washington Road Warriors  Affeldt
112-Rogersville RoadRunners Wigginton
113-Antelope River  Eric Owens
114-Austin Astros  Butler
115-Wally Bears trade #16 to Cuyahoga 2/22/03 Justin Morneau, Prospect
116-Amsterdam Canalers  Chad Zerbe
117-Crazy Canucks Lidge
118-Capitol City Bombers Mark Hendrickson
119-Moosic Mountain Buzzards Andy Benes
120-New Orleans Cajun's trade #11 to Revolting 2/15/03 Chris Gomez

Round 7

121-Portsmouth Funkadelics Johan Q. Santana Prospect
122-Collingswood  Hackman
123-Pittsburgh Innocents Matt Franco
124-Revolting Red Raiders trade #11 to New Orlenas 2/15/03 Graffanino
125-Richmond Rebels Mike Jackson
126-Valley Forge Colonials M.Tejera
127-Oklahoma Sooners Simontacchi
128-Utah Utes! T.Harper
129-Cuyahoga Redskins Ensberg
130-Germantown Blues Cash
131-Washington Road Warriors  F.Beltran
132-Rogersville RoadRunners Houston
133-Antelope River Cats  Eyre
134-Austin Astros trade #28 to Richmond 3/28/02 Biddle
135-Wally Bears Mabry
136-Amsterdam Canalers  Infante
137-Crazy Canucks  Munro
138-Capitol City Bombers  Mohr
139-Moosic Mountain Buzzards  Estrada
140-New Orleans Cajun's trade #7 to Revolting Yorvit Torrealba

Round 8

141-Revolting Red Raiders Bordick
142-Pittsburgh Innocents Jason Stokes Prospect
143-Collingswood J.Thomson
144-Portsmouth Funkadelics Day
145-Richmond Rebels Ryan Jensen
146-Valley Forge Colonials  Rijo
147-Oklahoma Sooners Gryboski
148-Utah Utes! Puffer
149-Cuyahoga Redskins trade #16 to Revolting 2/21/03 Duaner Sanchez
150-Germantown Blues  MacDougal
151-Washington Road Warriors   Dave Berg
152-Rogersville RoadRunners Flaherty
153-Antelope River Cats  Mulholland
154-Austin Astros  V.Williams
155-Wally Bears Saarloos
156-Amsterdam Canalers  John McDonald
157-Crazy Canucks  Beimel
158-Capitol City Bombers  Mullen
159-Moosic Mountain Buzzards Bobby Crosby Prospect
160-New Orleans Cajun's trade #33 to Wally 4/28/02 T.Perez