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2002 Trades

 1-11/8/01   Richmond send Mondesi to Amsterdam for Jeff Weaver
 2-11/8/01   Richmond send Felix Rodriguez and in return from Collingswood Beckett
 3-11/8/01   Richmond sends their 3rd and 7th round draft picks to Collingswood for Daal
 4-11/10/01 Richmond sends Thome and their 1st round pick in return Collingswood sends Oswalt
 5-11/10/01 New Orleans sends Benitez to Germantown for Dave Weathers

 6-11/11/01 Germantown sends Pedro Martinez to Collingswood for Norm Garciaparra
 7-11/11/01 Germantown sends Edgar Martinez to Collingswood for Jim Thome
 8-11/12/01 Germantown sends their 4th round pick to Fruitvale for Everett
 9-11/14/01 New Orleans send Estes and Grace to St. Croix for Segui, Foulke and their 2nd round draft pick
10-11/14/01 New Orleans send their two 2nd round picks, 3rd round pick, King and Venafro to Richmond for Morris and Guardado

11-11/16/01 New Orleans sends Randy Johnson, Luis Castillo, Lofton, Greer, and Halter to St.Croix and in return Ichiro Suzuki, Roberto Alomar, and Chuck Smith.
12-11/19/01 Collingswood send D'Angelo Jimenez and Marlon Anderson to Crazy Canucks for Rhodes and Devi Cruz
13-2/12/02 New Orleans sends their 7th round pick to Valley Forge for Kris Benson
14-2/15/02 Collingswood sends Jason Kendall to Columbia River for Charles Johnson
15-2/18/02 Valley Forge sends Durazo
to Richmond for their 6th and 8th round draft picks
16-2/21/02 New Orleans sends their 8th round pick #126 to Great Lakes for Meluskey
17-2/23/02 Valley Forge sends 2nd rd to Columbia for Schmidt  
18-2/23/02 New Orleans sends their 6th to Canucks for T.Ritchie
19-2/23/02 Porcelain trades Santaigo to Moosic Mtn for their 7 and 8th rd pick
20-2/23/02 Canuck send Livian Hernandez to Lumbee for their 5th and 6th rd picks

21-2/23/02 Canucks send Jay Bell to Lumbee for their 8th rd pick
22-2/25/02 Lumbee sends Lightenber and their 3rd pick to Richmond for Biggio
23-2/26/02 Porcelain sends their 1st and 5th round draft picks to Richmond for Plesac, McGriff and Stynes
24-2/27/02 Washington send Robert Person to the Porcelian in exchange for Greg Vaughn and David Justice
25-3/3/02 Fruitvale trades Paul Abbott and Alex Ochoa to Crazy Canucks for Doug Glanville
26-3/7/02 Collingswood sends their 3rd pick to Crazy Canucks for Billy Koch
27-3/10/02 Lumbee sends Aubrey Huff to Columbia for Vinny Castilla
28-3/28/02 Richmond sends Orlando Hernandez to the Austin for Ken Caminiti and their 7th round pick
29-3/28/02 New Orleans sends Lansing to Porcelain for Abraham Nunez
30-4/21/02 Richmond sends Damian Miller to Great Lakes for Cliff Politte and their 4th Round Pick
31-4/25/02 Richmond sends Ordonez, Polanco, and Tollberg to Collingswood for Daryle Ward, Koch, Steve Finley, 1st-round pick, 2nd-round pick
32-4/28/02 New Orleans sends Migeul Tejada, Wood, Percival and their 1st round pick to Wally for Alex Rodriguez and Farnsworth
33-4/28/02 New Orleans sends their 8th round pick to Wally for Karim Garcia
34-4/28/02 Collingswood sends Sheffield, Lidle and Polanco to Lumbee for Randy Johnson and Mark McLemore
35-4/28/02 Lumbee sends Ventura to Westside for Fred McGriff
36-4/30/02 Wally sends Jerry Hairston and Travis Lee to Richmond for Roger Cedeno and their 4th round pick acquired from Great Lakes
37-5/2/02 Collingswood sends Magglio Ordonez and a 4th Round selection in the 2003 draft to Washington for Luis Gonzalez
38-5/17/02 Collingswood sends
Daryl Kile, Felix Rodriguez, and David Eckstein to Austin for Aurilia, Brian Anderson, Steve Parris
39-5/19/02 Antelope River sends JD Drew and AJ Burnett to Columbia for Juan Gonzalez and CC Sabathia
40-6/4/02 Collingswood sends Klesko, Hampton, Fogg and Hinske to Columbia River for Helton, Kline, Ryan Anderson and Quinn
41-7/13/02 New Orleans sends Mussina and S.Alomar to Capitol City for Pedro Martinez and Kline
42-7/18/02 Rogersville sends V.Wells and Wilkerson to Richmond for Rey King and Koch
43-7/19/02 Rogersville sends Sheets to Valley Forge for Matheny
44-8/3/02 Wally sends Andruw. Jones, Appier, Zaun, and its 4th round pick to Westside for Cameron, Wolf, Wooten, and Stynes
45-8/3/02 Wally sends Wally sends Tam to Moosic Mt for LaRue

46-8/2/02 Wally sends Javy Lopez to Westside for Fox