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1-1/13/01 Alief gets Sexson, Febles, and Ponson from Duke's, and they get in return Lawton, Vina, and Mike Williams

2-1/14/01 New Orleans will be sending Eric Young and Paul O'Neill and in return they will get Aurora number 1,2,3 and 4th round draft picks this year

3-1/16/01 New Orleans and St. Croix was made tonight. Cajun's send there 4th round pick number 55 in the draft and Ruben Rivera to the Saints. And in return St. Croix send their number 3 pick, 48 in the draft and Rey Sanchez to the Cajun's

4-1/19/01 Cobras are sending Ramon Ortiz, Jason Schmidt, and Preston Wilson to the Chinook in exchange for Mike Hampton, Scott Sullivan, and John Wetteland

5-1/22/01 Kim, Stein, Encarnacion and Brian Anderson to Collingswood in return to Ponce De Leon Todd Jones and Mike Sirotka

6-1/22/01 Belleville sends Brad Fullmer to Alief for Luis Castillo

7-1/22/01 New Orleans send their 7th round pick #103 to Collingswood for Eric Owens

8-2/1/01 Clark goes to Dukes for their number 5 pick #66 and we swap picks New Orleans gets Dukes number 6 #82 and Dukes get New Orleans 6th pick #87

9-2/4/01 New Orleans sends Sele and Tatis to Alief in return they get Alief number 1 and 2 picks in the draft along with Dotel

10-2/4/01 Porcelain sends Paniquia, Kip Wellls, Doug Glanvielle and their 2nd round draft pick to Canucks for David Justice, Tino Martinez and Greg Vaughn

11-2/18/01 New Orleans send Cal Ripken to Alabama for their 5th round pick number 74 in the draft

12-2/20/01 Collingswood sends Rick Reed and their first round pick #3 and in return Bucksnort will send Brian Giles

13-2/20/01 New Orleans sends Enrique Wilson and there 3rd pick #47 in the draft and in return Collingswood sends Jeffery Hammonds

14-2/20/01 New Orleans sends Dan Pleasc and their first round pick #7, two 5th round picks #71 and #74 and in return Bucksnort will send Bruce Chen, Mike Venafro and Ramiro Mendoza

15-2/25/01 New Orleans will send Easley and Tim Worrell along with pick #63. Bucksnort will send picks #58 & #74 along with Danny Graves

16-2/26/01 Bucksnort sends Jose Valentin to Rhode Island and in return they get Fred McGriff

17-3/3/01 Bucksnort send Travis Lee and will get Fruitvale 4th round pick #62

18-3/4/01 New Orleans sneds Tejada and Eric Owens to Bucksnort for Garciaparra

19-3/5/01 New Orleans send Garciaparra to Porcelain for Mussina and the 4th pick in the draft

20-3/11/01 New Orleans send Rich Garces and their 3rd pick #48 in the draft. Bucksnort in return will send Derek Lowe

21-3/18/01 Ponce the #3 pick in the draft in return Bucksnort receives #6 pick in draft, P Stephenson, P Weathers, and P Rodriguez

22-3/18/01 Moosic Mountain send 6 7 8 round pick to Fruitvale for James Baldwin

23-3/18/01 Bucksnort sends Shane Spencer to Columbia for #125 pick

24-3/18/01 Columbia sneds Larry Walker and Neifi Perez to Fieldmice for Garciparra

25-3/20/01 Bucksnort sends P Ankiel, P Weathers, 1B Zeile, and C Flaherty to Aurora in exchange for P Burba and C Piazza

26-3/20/01 New Orleans send Furcal, Chen and Dotel to Washington and in return they get Pedro Martinez

27-3/21/01 Bucksnort sends P Suppan to Ponce-de-Leon for OF Singleton

28-3/21/01 Washington trades Rich Aurila and Todd Hundley to Ponce for Bret Mayne and Andy Fox

29-3/22/01 Bucksnort trades C Blanco to Porcelain for P Mesa

30-3/22/01 Fruitvale sends Tom Lampkin, Albert Belle, and Chris Holt for Michael Barrett and Porcelian 5th round pick in 2002

31-3/23/01 Aurora Borealis trades Alex Rodriguez, Paul Abbott, and Jerry Hairston to the Fruitvale Grizzlies in exchange for Barry Bonds, Barry Larkin, Greg Maddux and Craig Grebeck

32-3/24/01 Bucksnort sends P Garrett Stephenson and 2B Jose Offerman to St. Croix for P Osvaldo Fernandez and OF Rusty Greer

33-3/24/01 Porcelain Fieldmice send Osuna and Agbayoni to Bucksnort for Nomo and Wolf and Peters

34-4/14/01 New Orleans trade Pedro Martinez, Trachsel, Robetro Hernandez, Phil Nevin and Surhoff. Aurora will send Gregg Maddux, Ankiel, Ken Griffey Jr. and Cirillo

35-4/15/01 New Orleans send Polanco and Rosevelt Brown and in return Porcelain will send Biggio and Mark Redman

36-4/16/01 New Orleans sends Rios, Redman and their 3rd pick 2002 in return Charleston will send Alou, Hitchcock and Charleston 3rd pick in 2002.

37-4/18/01 Great Lakes has sent Tim Salmon to Collingswood for Andres Galarraga

38-4/26/01 Collingswood will send Rob Bell and Albie Lopez in exchange Connectucut will send Curt Schilling

39-5/4/01 Columbia River trades Pat Hentgen to St. Croix for Mark Kotsay

40-5/14/01 Collinswood sends Gil Heredia, Tim Salmon and Luke Prokopec to Aurora for Barry Bonds, Jamie Moyer and Jeff Frye

41-5/14/01 Collingswood send Mark Quinn, Edgar Rentaria, C.C. Sabathia, Gookie Dawkins and their first round pick in 2002 draft to Columbia River. In return they get Donnie Wall, Omar Daal, D'Angelo Jiminez and Garciaparra

42-5/16/01 New Orleans sends their first round pick in 2002 for Rafel Palmeiro of Connecticut

43-5/22/01 New Orleans send Rekar and Yoshii to Aurora and in return they will get Prokopec and De Los Santos

44-6/16/01 New Orlenas send Jeff D'Amico and Ankiel to Aurora and in return they get Randy Johnson and Lomasney

45-6/22/01 New Orleans sends Rey Sanchez, Tapani, Prokopec and their 4th round pick to Bucksnort for Tejada, Rick Reed and Greer

46-6/25/01 New Orleans send Rick Reed, Wunsch, and Hammonds to Porcelain for Larry Walker and Swindell

47-6/30/01 Bucksnort sends 2B Easley, P Worrell, OF Cameron, and IF Sojo to Porelain for IF Polanco, P Guardado, OF Belle, and SS Gutierrez

48-7/1/01 Bucksnort sends Piazza and McMillon to Collingswood for Fordyce and Matt Morris

49-7/3/01 New Orleans sends Biggio and their 5th round draft pick in 2002 to Bucksnort and in return they get Luis Castillo

50-7/7/01 Columbia River sends Tomo Ohka to Porcelain for Christian Guzman

51-7/7/01 Porcelain sends Blanco,c and Klesko,1b to Collingswood and in return they get Mo Vaughn and Mike Piazza

52-7/15/01 New Orleans sends Adrain Brown, Payton, Blum and Swindell to Great Lakes, Cajun's get Ray King and Percival

53-7/17/01 Columbia River sends Colon, Melusky and C. Guillen to Great Lakes for C. Johnson and their number 1 draft pick in 2002