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Guy Mezger to battle Rogerio Nogueira @ Pride 24

The King of Pancrase prepares for battle

Status: Under Pride Contract

Age: 34

Height: 6'1

Weight: 210 lbs.

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

DOB: 1/1/68

Style: Shootfighting

Weight Class: Light Heavyweight

Team: Lions Den

UFC Record: 4-1: 1 Submission, 2 TKO, 1 Decision

PRIDE FC Record: 4-4: 2 KO, 2 Decisions, 1 No Contest

Pancrase Record: 16-6-2

WKC Record: 22-3-0

WFFF Record: 13-0


Titles: UFC XIII Lightweight Tournament Champion, 7th King of Pancrase 1998, 1996 Pancrase Ranking Tournament Champion, 3x Texas state Karate Champion, 1994 Dallas Judo Champion, 2x U.S.K.A. Heavyweight Champion, 1994 WKC Heayweight Champion

UFC History: Guy Mezger made his debut at UFC 4 against Jason Fairn. Mezger and Fairn went to the mat, and Guy landed several punches, causing Fairn to tap out. In UFC 5 he took John Dowdy to the mat and beat him until Dowdy's corner threw in the towel. At UFC 13 Christophe Leninger survived for until the decision, but did little more than take a beating. Mezger won by unanimous decision. He then fought Tito Ortiz, an alternate, in the final round of the lightweight championship. Tito came out strong and landed several heavy blows on Mezger. Guy tried to counter, but ended up in a front head-lock. Tito drilled Guy in the skull with repeated knees until blood flowed freely from his scalp. Referee John Mcarthy stopped the fight to check the wound. Mezger taps out Tito OrtizTito and the fans thought that Guy had tapped out, but Mcarthy said he was trying to block and did not tap out. Guy was able to continue the fight, and slipped a guillotine choke on Ortiz, who tapped out. At UFC 19 Guy again faced Tito Ortiz, who had made quite a name for himself. The fight was fierce with Tito controlling most of the action. There were several exchanges before they ended up on the mat. Both fighters were completely exhausted. Tito got on a back mount and started punching Guy in the back of the head, but the punches had little effect because Ortiz was so tired. Mezger, exhausted, quit trying to defend himself and Mcarthy stopped the fight in Titos favor. After his first loss, the UFC promoters did not show any interest in Guy and he was quickly signed by the promoters of the PRIDE FC in Tokyo. With the UFC under new ownership, Guy is showing interest in competing there once his PRIDE contract is up.

Other Facts: Guy was the 1995 World Kickboxing Champion, UFC XIII Champion, three time King of Pancrase, three time WFKL Karate Champion, and WFFF Freestyle Fighting Champion, and a member of Ken Shamrock's Lion's Den. A bit of controversey surrounded Guy Mezger's memorable fight with world-renowned fighter Kazushi Sakuraba. Guy signed a contract with PRIDE to fight one fifteen minute round with Sakuraba. After the fifteen minutes were up, the fight would go to a judges decision. Mezger dominated the fight, and the time limit expired. PRIDE officials wanted to have an overtime, but it was not in the contract and Mezger and his trainer, Ken Shamrock, left. The referee declared the fight a No Contest. PRIDE Officials later apologized and admitted their fault, but the fight remained No Contest. The lion is on the prowlMezger recently competed in Pride 13 where he showed his developing knockout power against Egan Inoue. He was also featured in the UFC video game for the Sega Dreamcast and Sony Playstation, "sharing" the cover with Tito Ortiz, and was voted World's Sexiest Fighter. Mezger had a bit of a scare recently when he competed against Chuck Liddell at Pride 14. Mezger dominated the first round, but couldn't quite finish Chuck off. Liddell came out in the second round with a four punch combination that rocked Mezger and left him in convulsions on the mat. Mezger was taken out on a stretcher, but was able to recover and make it to the post fight party. Mezger then returned at Pride 16 against Brazilian sensation and two time ADCC Champion, Ricardo Arona. Guy came out to the fight with an American flag draped over his shoulders, and wearing flag print trunks, in response to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center the week before. Mezger clearly dominated the fight. He pounded Arona especially hard in the second round. Arona managed some offense near the end of the third round, but did not damage the Lion's Den fighter. Unbelievably, the judges awarded Arona the split decision.

Guy Mezger started his MMA career strong. Mezger was the 7th King of Pancrase, and took the UFC XIII tournament championship in 1997, but his career has been on a roller coaster ride since then. Mezger had started to fight not to lose, instead of to win. Many thought that he had become a boring fighter. Mezger has turned his career around again and has become on of the most exciting fighters in the world. Mezger comes out swinging and gives the fans their moneys worth. Guy Mezger has become one of the top Light Heavyweights again, and a dangerous one too.


Quick & Powerful Strikes
Good Chin
Great Takedown Defense
Submission Knowledge
Great Submission Defense
Good Wrestling Ability


Sometimes Questionable Cardio

Fight Record
Result Date Event Opponent Method Details
W 12/16/1994 UFC IV: Revenge of the Warriors Jason Fairn Tapout from strikes at 2:13 Single fight
W 7/4/1995 UFC V: Return of the Beast John Dowdy Towel thrown in due to strikes @ 2:02 Single fight
W 5/30/1997 UFC XIII: The Ultimate Force Christophe Leninger Unanimous Decision @ 15:00 Semi-Finals
W 5/30/1997 UFC XIII: The Ultimate Force Tito Ortiz Tapout from Guillotine Choke @ 3:00 Finals
L 5/3/1999 UFC XIX: Ultimate Young Guns Tito Ortiz TKO @ 9:56 Middleweight Bout

Mezger5.jpg (C)Susumu Nagao Guy Mezger is the UFC 13 ChampionMezger weighs in Mezger defends the takedown Guy lands a low kick
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