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Thank you Robert Camp for the season work.


Scoresheet and Timesheet

Auto and printable FAC cards

   You have come across Center Ice Hockey.  This hockey game is created with the use of Fast Action Cards so that the speed of the real game of hockey can be reproduced without the roll of dice.
    Players are rated in no less than 14 areas.  Included in these are defensive ratings like for penalties, takeaways, blocked shots and hits.  With these categories you will be able to "see" when a play takes place.  An offensive player may have been set up for a shot by a great pass only to have a defender knock him off the puck or have a defender other than the goalie block the shot before it gets to the goal.
    The players are rated offensively for shooting frequency, percentage, passing, faceoffs and giveaways (turnovers).  Players are also given a rating on how well they get to a loose puck or rebound.
    Goalies may be called for to make an easy or hard save  when the time comes.  They are also rated on how well they control saves through rebounds, held pucks or dropped passes.
    Game play should be fairly quick (about an hour) once you get used to the flow and where to check the players cards for the information needed. 
    There is an auto-FAC program that works with Excel.  I have been having trouble with so if it doesn't work on your computer contact me.

Charts, scorsheet and timer