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Big Play Football

   Here is Big Play Football. It was inspired by a game that Rick Kucz had posted on the Seasons past forum. Thanks Rick.
   I have tried to make a game that uses a fast setup, is statistically accurate, fairly quick, allows for individual defensive players and is made with the solitaire gamer in mind.  Game play allows for different offensive and defensive players to be involved on any play without the game player having to make substitutions. Each team has a single chart which contains all the information needed to play the game. Only one extra chart is needed to play and that only comes into play occasionally. The game engine is solely ran by the team charts and dice.
   All defensive players have ratings for forced fumbles, plays made, tackles for loss, run rate, pass rate, sacks, passes defended, interceptions and returns. The offensive players are rated for the regular things as well as big play %, fumbles and ability to avoid the tackles for loss. Special teams also are rated on different things.


1999 AFC

1999 NFC

2000 NCAA

2000 NFL

2001 NFL