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Pastime Baseball

Pastime baseball has a unique batter/pitcher interface in which every at bat is effected by both players in all aspects of the at bat.  Most every outcome come directly off the cards themselves with no need to look up charts.  This game was made for the solo player as many things that you would have to make decisions on in a game are taken care of with a 20-sided dice (1d20).

  • Hitters are rated for the normal things like average and power as well as groundball/flyball frequency, baserunning, GIDP, sac flies, base stealing, hit & run, bunting, HBP.
  • Fielders are given ratings for range, errors, ability to let runners advance (Ofers) and catchers for arm.
  • Pitchers are given ratings for everything for their ability to effect a batters average, power, K/BB, HBP, holding runners, SB% vs., pickoffs, balks, wildness and endurance.
  • All this with righty/lefty breakdowns.

All this depth can be picked up on in minutes and with a couple rolls of 2 10-sided dice (2d10)  the result of the at bat is over.   
Another feature is team charts which give you a way to make starting lineups based on actual starts by players versus rhp/lhp, as well pinch hitting/pulled for pinch hitter stats.
These charts also have pitchers broken down by situation into the times they appeared during the season.

All you need to play is 2 10-sided dice, a 20-sided dice and the files from this page.



1980 NL

1980 AL