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T T S Games

This is my website devoted to the great hobby of table top sports gaming. This is a hobby I have had since I was a kid. I spent many countless hours playing and creating these types of games. Here you will find some of my creations.  These will be zip files and you will need either Excel or the Excel viewer to look at and print these files.

Pastime Baseball is my own creation which has batter/pitcher interaction on every at bat, not a 50/50 split. This game was created with the solitaire baseball gamer in mind as most things like strategy, baserunning and lineups are taken care of by the game engine itself.

Big Play Football is another game I have made which uses a team chart and dice to decide each play. This game was also made for the solo player as play calling and the offensive player involved are decided by the teams tendencies and players stats. Defensive players have the ability to effect each play as it happens recreating defensive stats like stuffs, sacks and passes defended.

Midcourt Basketball is my version of the old Statis-Pro Basketball game. The game plays much the same way as the old version but with added features like individual turnovers, offensive rebounds, improved foul system, correct 2 pt FG% and more. There is a Excel program to automatically flip the new FAC cards if you want to play at the computer. Also there is a Player Creation program so with a little data input you can create any teams you please

Center Ice Hockey can be called the Midcourt of hockey.  Using basically the same FAC card system this is fast-paced reproduction of the game of hockey.  Using the latest in NHL stats each player takes on his own personality whether he is scorer or a bruiser.  Hits knocking players off the puck and blocked shots by defenders are only a couple of the things you will "see" with this game.