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…In sync with the rhythm of life…



Taerobics is fairly new in the TKD arena in Malaysia. It was re-launched in March 2001 by Master Leow.




TAEKWONDO – martial art

+ Aerobics – a physical workout that uses oxygen continuously


So, taerobics is a workout that combines the moves from Taekwondo into rhythmic movement. It is a cross between DDR (dance dance revolution) and Para para Sakura, only better. Best of all, you don’t even need to have a deep understanding of TKD. Only the basic kick, block and punches.



*      Song mapping

*      Choreography

*      Precision of movement

*      Fun

*      Fitness


Songs chosen have strong beats and are divided into different sections. TKD moves are mapped into each section.


Difference between Taerobic & traditional TKD


Traditional TKD


No music element

You don’t need a sense of rhythm

Requires music

Requirement: must at least LIKE music

Rigid discipline

Seniority is important

The main idea is to have fun

Bowing to your taerobic instructor? Nah……..

Strong and precise moves

Precise moves, not nesc strong

Senior citizens may not cope

For all ages

Lasts > 1 hour

<= 1 hour

Sparring & poomsae competitions

Taerobic competition (2nd one, this 31 August, stay tuned)



Taerobic is not strictly for girls only, although girls seem to enjoy it better than guys. Just take a head count in any aerobic class. Hey, it’s an open, free world. They even have male cheerleaders now. The point is, if you enjoy a beat, love to dance or jump around in a group, would like to get in shape….this is the sport for you.



TKD shoes or barefoot just does not cut it. Trust me. My achy-braky feet after 3 full days of taerobic is proof. Invest in  a good pair of aerobic shoes that absorb impact. You’ll thank me for it. Regulation dobok is not required, just fitness garment like a loose cotton T-shirt and track bottom would suffice.



Currently, Taerobic training is focusing on dance for competition and demo purpose.

A few TKD clubs/associations offer taerobic classes on a part time basis (after normal TKD classes). MATSA is one of them. If your club is one of them, kindly email me, so that I can link you.



MTA ( organizes Taerobic instructors courses. If you’re interested, give them a call.


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