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A Poem

Tightening a black belt on a white uniform
Standing alone in a calm DoJang
I am absorbed by a hidden life
My idle thoughts cut off
By the sword of seriousness
Focusing my attention my invis
ible opponent appears
With no figure
In the deepest hidden area
Of my spirit
And of my life
Making manifest its mysteries.
Not a dance yet rhythmic
Not a huge mountain yet massive
Not history yet story
without shape
Lacking an edge yet still sharp
Not dogma but it teaches
Felt yet unseen,
It thus contains completion yet neither finished nor unfinished,
Finally showing itself same with everything yet each still different,
Then I,
Following the leader's <Poom> and continuously interpreting new <Sae> ,
Conceiving <Sae> with other followers, teaching them <Poom>.
Poom and Sae are the names of shape and nonshape.
Therefore Poomsae can
Include everything of Taekwondo.

You can get more on Taekwondo philosophy and a Malay version, here

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