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My In Peson Sucesses

I have decided to include my in person successes here as the season goes along. Hopefully this information will be helpful in your quest for sigs.


Went to the Yankess vs Whits Sox game. Was hoping to see A Rod hit number 500.Unfortunately that didn't happen, but I did see the Yankees tie a record from 1939 in the form of 8 home runs in a game. Was able to get Kyle Farnsworth during warm ups.


Went to the Yankees vs Twins game. Was able to get Torii Hunter to sign 2 cards. Joe nathan to sign 3 cards and Boof Bonser to sign 2 cards


Went to the Yankees vs A's game. Was able to get Huston Street to sign 2 cards for me.


I went to the

Philles Phestival

with my family today. For those who have never attended it is a must. It is a charity event for ALS. The Phillies have most of their players their signing autographs or in photo booths. I was able to obtain autographs from Brett Myers, Adam Eaton,Jon Lieber,Aaron Rowand,Rod Barajas,Jimmy Rollins,Ryan Madson,Geoff Geary,Antonio Alfonseca, as well as autographed baseballs by Shane Victorino and Harry Kalas. I purchased two grab bags for my boys and my youngest pulled a Ryan Howard autographed baseball hat.


Went to The Yankees @ Nationals game.During Batting practice Joe Torre signed a ball on the sweetspot for me. Here is a picture of him signing. After batting practice finished my younger son got the thrill of a lifetime. As the players were heading into the dugout Kelly Stinnett walked over to my little guy and gave him his bat. It was the highlight of his trip.

05/12/06- Went to see the Oakland A's @ Yanees game. Was able to get Dan Haren,Rich Harden and Justin Duchscherer to sign cards for me.

04/23/06-Went to a signing today. Was able to obtain Chuck Knoblauch on my Yankee team bat. I am now down to Scott Brosius and Derek Jeter to complete the project. I was also able to get Davey Johnson for my 2000 Greats of the Game set.

04/22/06-Went to the Orioles @ Yankees game tonight. Was able to obtain Rodrigo Lopez, Bruce Chen and Daniel Cabrera. As usual no Yankee signed.

01/29/06- Went to a signing this weekend with my sons. Was finally able to obtain Andy Pettitte . I have been trying to get Pettitte on my 99 team signed bat for the longest. I am now only missing Knoblauch,Jeter and Brosius to complete the bat. Also signing were Jimmy Key andTino Martinez.


Just returned from my roadtrip. Took the family to PNC Park and Jacobs Field. If you have the opportunity you must see both of these stadiums. On August 2 we went to see the Pirates face the Padres. It was also the day that the all star symbol was being unveiled. My son and I were able to obtain Jason Bay,Brian Giles,Trevor Hoffman,Eric Young,Ian Snell,Gabe White, Zach Duke and Chris Duffy. In Jacobs field I was unfortunately shut out as the Yankees did not sign 1 autograph.

06/24/05- Went to the Phillies- Red Sox game and was able to get Manny Ramirez, Bill Mueller and Bronson Arroyo.

05/07/05-Went to a Graig Nettles in person signing. Graig was one of my all time favorites as a kid. Got him to sign my 8x10 photoand Sports Illustrated

04/28/05- Went to my first Yankee game of the season. The only person who signed inside the stadium was Jarrod Washburn

08/16/04- Today I went to the Phillies Phestival. I had purchased 3 adult tickets. Each ticket entitled you to one randomly selected autograph table and 1 table of your choice while ticket supplies lasted. Jim Thome, Pat Burrell and Billy Wagner were not signing ,but did have photo booths. I was told that Thome and Burrell sold their booths out. I was able to land tickets for booths for Bobby Abrea and Tomas Perez. When I got to the window there were only three tickets left. I then raced to the other side and received the last ticket for Kevin Millwood.Whew, was this my lucky day or what. So all in all I was able to get the following players on cards:

Bobby Abreau-2
Tomas Perez-2
Kevin Millwood-1
Todd Jones-1
Jason Michaels-1
Todd Pratt-1
Placido Polanco-1
Doug Glanville-1
Amaury Telemaco-1
Felix Rodriguez-1

None of this would have been possible without the help of my son, who would do one table while I did another. I highly recomend this event to autograph collectors and especially set collectors.

07/23/04-I went to Citzens Bank Park to see the Phillies play the Cubs. I decided to try and work the visitors side, and boy am I glad I did. I was able to get

Moises Alou,
Todd Wellemeyer,

Corey Patterson,

Carlos Zambrano,
LaTroy Hawkins,
and Mike Remlinger.
I also observed Billy Wagner signing on the first base side. If you haven't ben to this stadium yet, put it on your must do list.

07/17/04-Went to a local card show today. They had Joe Pepitone signing free autographs.

04/09/04- Went to the Yankee-White Sox game at the stadium today. Was able to get Esteban Loiaza to sign to cards for me.