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XT225 (Serow) Circuit diagrams

  1. CDI magneto
  2. Starter motor
  3. Rectifier/regulator
  4. Starter relay
  5. START switch
  6. STOP switch
  7. Battery
  8. Main fuse
  9. Main switch
  10. LIGHTS (dimmer) switch
  11. Head light
  12. HIGHBEAM indicator
  13. Neutral relay
  14. Sidestand switch
  15. CDI unit
  16. Ignition coil
  17. Spark plug
  18. TURN switch
  19. Flasher relay
  20. Horn
  21. TURN indicator
  22. Rear flasher L
  23. Front flasher L
  24. Front flasher R
  25. Rear flasher R
  26. HORN switch
  27. NEUTRAL indicator
  28. Neutral switch
  29. Clutch switch
  30. Starter cut-off relay
  31. Rear brake switch
  32. Front brake switch
  33. Tail/brake light
  34. Front light
  35. Speedometer light

D/DC model

Circuit diagram of XT225D (US) model

W model

(redrawn by Tim by tracing wires - the fate of the B/W wire into CDI unit is unknown)
Circuit diagram of XT225W (Japan) model

Wiring colour code

B black O orange B/W black/white
Br brown P pink B/Y black/yellow
Ch chocolate R red Br/W brown/white
Dg dark green Sb sky blue L/W blue/white
G green W white L/Y blue/yellow
L blue Y yellow R/W red/white

Japanese Diagrams

Further information (D model)

Battery 12.8V minimum at 20 degrees C
14.0V when charging at 5000rpm
Ignition coil  primary resistance 0.56-0.84 ohms
secondary resistance 5.68-8.52 kohms
Spark plug cap resistance 10 kohms
Minimum spark throw 6mm
Magneto coil resistance Between:
brown and green leads 584-876 ohms
yellow lead and ground 20-30 ohms
Alternator stator coil resistance test pairs of white leads 0.48-0.72 ohms No data for rectifier
CDI pulser coil resistance red and white leads 656-984 ohms No data for CDI
Starter motor coil resistance 0.017-0.021 ohms
Starter motor brush length 3.5mm minimum