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Scotts Sports and Autograph Page

Even though I am a huge Browns fan. Eddie George is my favorite player.

Hey. Welcome to my website. It is devoted to the Cleveland Browns who are my favortie professional team. I am also a fan of the Kentucky Wildcats and Cleveland Indians. I live in Akron Ohio. I collect autographs from any sport but espcially football. I also have baseball and some racing. I am going to work on getting some more successes from these two sports. Scroll down to see my lastest succeses.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy the site.

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Latest News

I am trying to collect the whole set of Topps 2001 Football autographed. I have just started. I would really like some help, and I am willing to either trade for the card or buy it. Also, if you have any of the Topps rookies, without the signature, I am also interested. Thanks.

Can you help me??? Does anybody know who the following players play for? Are they on an NFL team, practice squad, CFL, Arena Football. Any help would be appreciated.

Macey Brooks, Tim Hasselbeck(Matts younger brother), Rashard Casey and Kwame Cavil.

Latest successes

12-13-01 Things have been really slow lately but I got a success today. I got Alge Crumpler c/o Atlanta Falcolns. He is a rookie tight end. I sent this back in the middle of september

11-26-01 Today I got Derrick Gibson c/o Oakland Raiders. He is a rookie defensive back. I sent this out on 8/28. So it took 2 and a half months.

11-22-01 I got a success through the mail today. It was Jesse Armstead c/o New York Giants. He is a very good linebacker for them.

11-20-01 Since I am rarely getting successes through the mail I made a trade. I got David Sloan, La'Roi Glover, and EG Green. I traded with the nice guy from Marsh's Autographs.

11-14-01 I got two successes today. The first was from Ryan Pickett c/o St. Louis Rams. He is a rookie defensive tackle who went to Ohio State. I sent this out on 8/28/01. I also got Jeff Blake c/o New Orlean Saints. I sent it out on 10-15-01.

11-12-01 On Saturday I got my first two successes in a while. I got Bobby Bowden. I sent him an email and he sent me a nice picture personalized. The email address can be found on Bowmans Autographs under football successes. Look in my links. I also got Micheal Pittman c/o Arizona Cardinals. It took about a month.

10-29-01 I got a success today from Onomo Ojo c/o New Orleans Saints. He is a rookie wide receiver who was drafted in the sixth round. It took about 3 weeks.

10-23-01 After ten days, i got two successes today. The first one wa from Priest Holmes c/o Kansas City Cheifs. He is a running back who played for the Ravens last year but somebody named Jamal Lewis beat him out. I sent this out on 9-18-01. My next success came from Jonathan Carter. A rookie wide receiver who plays for the New York Giants. This took about a week and a half.

10-13-01 i finally got my first success of the week and it came from Todd Bouman c/o Minnesota Vikings. I sent it out on 9-26. He is a backup quarterback.

10-6-01 One success from Dennis Northcutt c/o Cleveland Browns. He is a second year wide receiver who has been injured so far this year. He is doubtful for the Browns game this Sunday.

10-5-01 I got a success from Brandon Stokely c/o Baltimore Ravens. He is a wide receiver who came up big in last years Super Bowl. It took 9 days. I also got Donald Driver c/o Green Bay Packers. He is a wide receiver. This took 39 days.

10-3-01 Two new successes. One from Mike McMahon c/o Detroit Lions. He is a rookie and is their third string quarterback. It took 12 days. I also got Ahman Green c/o Green Bay Packers. He is having a great season so far for the 3-0 Packers. I sent this one out on 9-13-01.

10-1-01 A success and a failure today. My success was Chris Chandler c/o Atlanta Falcons. I sent it out on 9-18-01. He is their starting QB. My failure was surprisingly Peyton Manning. He sent me back my cards unsigned and also send an advertisement for Upper I was mad cause for his whole career he has been a great signer.

9-28-01 4 successes today!! That ties my record. First, Terrence Wilkins c/o Indianapolis Colts. He signed 1/2 cards in only seven days. Also got Matt Hasselbeck c/o Seattle SeaHawks in 10 days. 3rd, was Jerry Azumah c/o Chicago Bears. He is a defensive back. He also signed in seven days. Last, and definitely not least, Ron Dayne c/o New York Giants. A former Heisman Winner took exactly a month. I was very happy to get this back.

9-27-01 Got a success today from David Boston c/o Arizona Cardinals. He is a third year receiver who went to Ohio State. It took 31 days. I added a link too. I have just made a waiting list too.

9-24-01 3 new succeses. I got Eddie Berlin c/o Tennessee Titans. He is a rookie wide receiver. It took 27 days. Tony Dixon c/o Dallas Cowboys. He is a rookie defensive back. It also took 27 days. Lastly, Troy Brown c/o New England Patriots. He is their go to receiver and it took 18 days.

9-21-01 Two new successes today. One from Trent Green c/o Kansas City Chiefs. Took 24 days. Also got Micheal Stone c/o Arizona Cardinals. He is a rookie defensive back. Took 24 days also.

9-19-01 I got Jabari Halloway c/o New England Patriots. He is a rookie tight end. It took 22 days and he personalized my card.

9-18-01 Everyone gets a big surprise every once in a while and I got one today. I got Ed McCaffrey c/o Denver Broncos. I sent it out almsot two years ago!!! I'm not sure of the exact date but I know I have it some where. I think since he broke his leg for the year he had some extra time. He signed 3 of 3 cards and had to add on extra postage.

9-15-01 New success from Shaun Alexander c/o Seattle SeaHawks. Post marked from Alabama. Signed in 18 days and personalized my card. Also sent some SeaHawk stickers. Shaun is a 2nd year backup running back who will probably take over for Ricky Watters when he retires.

9-11-01 I got one success today but it is kinda overshadowed by the terroists attacks. My heart goes out to all the victims. I got Eric Kelly though c/o Minnesota Vikings. He is a rookie defensive back drafted in the third round. It took 14 days.

9-8-01 Two new successes today. One from Travis Henry c/o Bills. Rookie running back drafted in the second round. The other from Antonio Freeman c/o Packers. Freeman is also a very good singer. He is a wide receiver. Well, I gotta go get ready to go to the Browns game tomorrow to watch the Browns beat up on the SeaHawks.

9-6-01 New Success from Eric Moulds c/o Buffalo Bills. In my opinion. He is one of the best signers, if not the best in all of football. And he is underrated. He is a great receiver. It took 9 days. I have added a new link, its pretty nice.

9-5-01 Today I got Jamel White c/o Cleveland Browns. He is a speedy running back who might start for the Browns. He also plays special teams. It took 8 days.

8-28 I sent out 45 football requests today.

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