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Mezger TKOs Daniel Bergman at EVT 1

Guy destroys Alexander OtsukaStatus: Under PrideFC ContractAge: 34

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 205 lbs.

Hometown: Dallas, TX

DOB: 1/1/1968

Style: Sprawl'N'Brawl

Team: Lion's Den

PRIDE Record: 4-5: 2 KO, 2 Decisions, 1 No Contest

PRIDE History: The former UFC champion made his debut at Pride 6 against tough Akira Shoji, losing by a controversial split decision. Pride officials then signed Mezger to fight Kazushi Sakuraba at the Opening Round of the Pride Grand Prix. They picked Mezger as a "safe" match for Sakuraba, making sure that the popular Japanese fighter would advance to the tournament. The contract that Mezger signed stipulated that the fight would be one 15 minute round with no overtime. The other fights on the card had the same stipulation. Mezger clearly dominated the fight, but did not finish Sakuraba off. The round ended and Mezger expected the fight to go to the judges. He was wrong. Pride officials wanted the fight to go to overtime. Mezger and his corner refused, citing the conditions of the contract. An argument ensued and Mezger stormed out of the ring. Pride officials announced this as a forfeit, robbing Mezger of the win, and giving it to Sakuraba. Four other fights that night went to decision without Pride officials stepping in and demanding an overtime. They just wanted to make sure their poster boy, Sakuraba, made it to the Grand Prix Finals. Later, Pride officials admitted their fault and apologized to Mezger, but did not overturn the decision. A few months later, after the Grand Prix finals were over, Pride would change the official outcome to a No Contest. Mezger did fight in an extra fight at the Pride Grand Prix Finals. He fought a much bigger and stronger opponent in Masaaki Satake. Mezger handed him his second striaght loss by way of unanimous decision. Mezger was now 1 and 1 in Pride.

Mezger made his return to the ring at Pride 10. He faced Brazillian superstar Vanderlei Silva. Mezger fought hard, but after a controversial headbutt, could not mount an effective offense, and was KO'd at the 3:45 mark. Mezger finally found redemption when he destroyed Alexander Otsuka at Pride 12. Otsuka challenged Mezger to another fight, but met the same fate at King of the Cage 7. Mezger returned again at Pride 13 and faced Egan Inoue. Mezger came out strong and walked away with a surprisingly easy KO over Inoue. Mezger was on a roll. Mezger then met Chuck Liddell at Pride 14. Liddell was coming off of a stunning KO over former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Randleman. Mezger dominated the first round and nearly put Liddell away. Liddell came out strong in the opening minutes of the second round, and knocked Mezger out cold with a stunning four punch combination. That combo ended with a devastating overhand right that floored Mezger and sent him into convulsions. Mezger recovered quickly and was able to make the post-fight party.

Mezger faced two time ADCC champion Ricardo Arona at Pride 16. Mezger entered the ring with an American flag draped across his shoulders, a sign of his feelings towards the recent terrorists attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Mezger also wore trunks with an American flag design. Arona and Mezger circled each other for a few moments, then finally went at it. Mezger was surprised by Arona's desire to strike, but soon controlled the action up top. Sensing this, Arona went for the takedown, but could not control Mezger once they were on the mat. They spent most of the first round in a clinch, trading knees and strikes. Mezger finally got the side mount on Arona, but the round ended. Mezger came out very strong in the second round, driving Arona to the ropes. Arona defended well, but took several well placed strikes, including a high roundhouse to the jaw. At one point Mezger had Arona crawling out of the ring to avoid getting hit. Mezger ended the round well with Arona on the mat attempting to get a leg submission, with Mezger landing a solid kick on Arona's face. The third round was completely different though. Arona was able to get into Mezger's gaurd and landed 2 or 3 bombs on Guy's face. This is how much of the third round went, with Arona just laying on Mezger, and it seemed to be enough to sway the judges minds, even though Mezger controlled the rest of the fight.

Mezger returned at Pride 22 after a year off and easily won a decision over Norihisa Yamamoto. Mezger took his first fight back slowly, but completely dominated Yamamoto, cutting him and causing severe swelling on his face. Mezger then battled Rogerio Noguiera at Pride 24. Nogueira is only 23 and had a distinct advantage in age, but Mezger came to the fight in shape and did not gas as he has been prone to do before. Mezger got the better of the standup exchanges and had a few more takedowns, but the judges felt that Nogueira did more and awarded him the vicotry. The fight was exciting as both fighters laid it on the line. Mezger proved he can still hang with the best in the sport.

Guy feeds Inoue a knee, Texas style!Titles:
High School State Champion Wrestler
3 time Texas State Karate Champion
2 time USKA Heavyweight Champion
1994 World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion
1994 Texas State Judo Champion
1995 WKC/WKKC World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion
1996 Pancrase Ranking Tournament Champion
1997 UFC 13 Lightweight Tournament Champion
1998 7th King of Pancrase
USKA/WKA United States Heavyweight Champion
USKA United States Super Heavyweight Champion

Mezger goes in for the kill against InoueRecords:

Overall: 40-12-2
UFC: 4-1
Pancrase: 16-6-2
KOTC: 1-0-0
WFFF: 13-0-0
World Pankration Record: 1-0-0
Other known MMA fights: 1-0-0
Win Percentage: 74.07%


USKA: 22-2, 19 KOs
Win Percentage: 91.66%

Fight Record
Result Date Event Opponent Method Details
L 7/4/1999 Pride 6 Akira Shoji 2-1 Decision @ 20:00 2R Single Fight
NC 1/30/2000 Pride Grand Prix Opening Round Kazushi Sakuraba Officials wanted to go beyond contract. Qualifier
W 5/1/2000 Pride Grand Prix Finals Masaaki Satake 3-0 Decision @ 15:00 Single Fight
L 8/27/2000 Pride 10: Return of the Warriors Vanderlei Silva KO @ 3:45 R1 Single Fight
W 12/23/2000 Pride 12: Cold Fury Alexander Otsuka KO @ 1:54 R1 Single Fight
W 3/25/2001 Pride 13: Collision Course Egan Inoue KO @ 2:25 R1 Middleweight Bout
L 5/27/2001 Pride 14: Clash of the Titans Chuck Liddell KO @ 2:21 R2 Middleweight Fight
L 9/24/2001 Pride 16: Beasts From the East Ricardo Arona 2-1 Decision @ 5:00 R3 Middleweight Fight
W 9/29/02 Pride 22: Beasts From the East II Norihisa Yamamoto 3-0 Decision @ 5:00 R3 Light-Heavyweight Bout
L 12/23/02 Pride 24: Cold Fury 3 Rodrigo Nogueira 2-1 Decision @ 5:00 R3 Light-Heavyweight Bout

Some pics(C)Susumu Nagao

Guy blasts Shoji with a kickGuy tries to land a kick on SakurabaGuy goes for the KimuraGuy defeats Masaaki Satake by Unanimous DecisionGuy rocks the Axe MurdererGuy pounces on a defenseless OtsukaMezger smashes Arona in the faceGuy smacks Yamamoto aroundMezger blasts YamamotoMezger punches Yamamoto againGuy nails Yamamoto with a solid kickYamamoto is almost outMezger continues to pound YamamotoGuy cracks Yamamoto againGuy knees Yamamoto in the junkMezger buckles Yamamoto with a brutal crossMezger shows sportsmanship after his win over YamamotoMezger at the post-fight press conferenceMezger stomps NogueiraGuy gets the takedownGuy has Rogerio on the run