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My Information

I broke into ground on the 10th, 11th and 12th of November when I played for my house, Cousteau, in the junior basketball. It was a success, and everyone applauded me. I recently came 3rd in the library competition. Here is the story, called, "The Red Queen." The Red Queen “This book looks cool,” I thought to myself when I laid my eyes upon a scarlet book. I just couldn’t resist opening it. It was old. Very old. Or, at least, it seemed like it. Pages were falling out and everything was damp. When I opened the book, I saw it had some funny words in some non-existent language, it seemed. A powerful surge raged through me then, telling me to read it, whatever language it was in. “Bacht-abist,” I said clearly. The room started shaking. The books on my shelf fell to the ground. I managed a glimpse at my watch when I swung around to see my wardrobe falling to the ground, inches away from me. The glass on my watch just couldn’t resist the pressure. There was a blinding flash. That’s all I can remember from that moment in time. Or was it a moment in time? ***** When I woke up, I was still in my room. But it didn’t seem like it. Everything was upside down. I did not call my parents. For there was a bright light coming from the windows. I stood stunned. I sprinted down the corridor and into the garden. A humongous man made his way down to me. He looked at me in the eyes, handed me a map, and bowed. “Hey, excuse me, where am I?” I asked when he was walking away. He just turned around, smiled, and continued walking. I glanced at the map. There was some writing. It was written like this: You are HERE X. After thorough concentration, I realized it simply said, “You are HERE.” It was a difficult decision to make. “To go, or not to go,” I exclaimed to myself. I sniggered, then immediately stopped, reminding myself that I was in a serious position. A sudden urge invaded my mind, forcing me to follow the map. So I did. ***** It seemed like ages when I finally got within 500 meters of the big Red Cross, planted right bang in the center of the map. When I reached my destination, a cold breeze blew around me. The trees started to sway. The sky was darkening. A lightning bolt struck down a tree right in front of me. Suddenly, I heard a monstrous, unnatural, deep voice. “Why, hello, King Bilal, what a pleasant surprise, “ boomed the voice. I swirled around. I couldn’t help but scream. When I turned around, I realized I was trapped. Me and…and the…thing that was there with me, were surrounded by a brick wall. “And pleasant hello to you too,” she said sarcastically. “Now, you see, there isn’t enough room for here for two rulers. Oh, by the way, my name is…………………the Red Queen.” As she said this, there was thunder and lightning. “Well, as I was saying, we’re going to have a sword fight. To determine whether you should be ruler, or I should.” She threw me a sword. I could not say anything. I couldn’t open my mouth because of the shock. It was a close duel. I won it. But my life was hanging by a thread. She pinned me down, but missed me by centimeters. I jumped up, and just threw my sword right at the Red Queen, with all my might. It was a very high risk. I believe it went straight through her heart- if she had one. There was a deafening scream. There was another blinding flash. A very bright light was going straight through the Red Queen, exactly where I had struck her. And then…complete darkness. ***** That incident was years ago. I’m over it now. It was just another dream. But…. wait…there’s a message on my bed. It says,” I AM BACK Red Queen