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New Wave Racing



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Our Racing Careers
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Topic Steven Rocky
Calender Year 2000 2000
Years Driving Rookie Year Rookie Year
Races-Derby 2 2
Races-Figure 8s 1 3
Total Heat Wins 0 2
Total Feature
0 2
Feature Wins 0 0
Top 3 Finishes
In Features
0 0
Topic Steven Rocky
Calender Year 2001 2001
Years Driving 2nd-Official
Rookie Year
Rookie Year
Races-Derby 7 4
Races-Figure 8s 5 4
Total Heat Wins 2 1
Total Feature
6 2
Feature Wins 1 0
Top 3 Finishes
In Features
3 2

2002 Races So Far
Driver Type of Race Location
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Date Position
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Car Driven
Steven Derby Caseville, Michigan February 16th 2002 Top 2-Heat

(Has Pictures!)
85' Caddilac
Rocky Derby Bay City, Michigan April 20th 2002 5th-Heat 76' Caddilac

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