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MMFP UPDATES & Announcements

-- Updates --

03:01 AM ET, Wednesday April 10, 2002 Updated Gameday Central (Pictures from Tuesday's game are in this section, 2002 Gallery 2 will be up soon), updated stats, and added recap.

12:00 AM ET, Friday April 5, 2002 Added new 2002 Mussina/Yankees Gallery section to the Pictures page....Updated Stats, Gameday Central, and added recap and pictures of Thursday's game on front page.

04:30 PM ET, Wednesday March 6, 2002 Added new photo and 3 articles to front page. (All updates within the next month will appear on the front page.)

01:00 AM ET, Thursday February 28, 2002 Added article Mussina Hopes Midas Touch Returns and new ST picture to front page.

01:35 AM ET, Sunday February 17, 2002 Added first Moose picture of 2002 to front page along with an article titled Moose Gets Loose With Yanks

07:45 PM ET, Tuesday January 22, 2002 Added article ''Mussina's feeling good about Yanks' chances'' & added new poll to front page, moved other 2 to a new section. To access the other polls, click the link 'More Polls' on the front page.

02:30 AM ET, Monday January 21, 2002 Added new poll to front page.

03:19 AM ET, Saturday November 10, 2001 Created Mussina/Yankees Gallery 18, it contains 37 pictures. 1 Photo in the main part of Gallery 18 and 36 photos added in the new 'Extended' part. The 'Extended' section is a collection of pictures left out of the Mussina/Yankees galleries 1-17. The complete Mussina/Yankees 2001 Galleries 1-18 + Extended has 139 pictures.

11:47 PM ET, Tuesday November 6, 2001 Added 'Mike Gets Taste of Bitter End' to the article archive, 'Yanks go home, say goodbye' to postseason section, and 'Mussina wins 5th Gold Glove' AP story to front page. Added new picture to the postseason section.

12:18 AM ET, Saturday November 3, 2001 Created Mussina/Yankees Gallery 17, it contains 6 Moose pictures from Game 5 of the World Series & added 'Notebook: Mussina's effort forgotten ' which can be viewed in the postseason section

01:20 PM ET, Friday November 2, 2001 Game 5 recap added, article 'Muss Makes Amends For Game 1 Flop' added, postseason statistics and gameday central updated.

2:23 PM ET, Thursday November 1, 2001 Added new Moose Wallpaper to the 'Desktop Background' section, the section now has 7. Also added "Notebook: Mussina seeking normalcy" which can be viewed on the front page or in the postseason section.

02:05 PM ET, Tuesday October 30, 2001 Moose Watch and New/Highlights will not update anymore, they were merged together to form Gameday Central

01:20 AM ET, Sunday October 28, 2001 Added 13 pictures to the Mussina/Yankees Galleries (1 in Gallery 14 and six each in new Galleries 15 & 16) updated postseason statistics, and added recap of the ugly Game 1.

06:00 PM ET, Saturday October 27, 2001 Added articles 'Quiet Mussina looks to silence Diamondbacks,' 'No celebrity status,' and 'Mussina adopts Yankees' approach' to the article archive and created a new postseason section, includes info all in one place (Mussina - 2001 Postseason Section)

03:35 PM ET, Friday October 26, 2001 Added new Guestbook to the website, please sign. Also article 'Mussina Is Where He Wants to Be: On a Contender' was added.

11:50 PM ET, Wednesday October 24, 2001 Added article "Mussina gets ball for World Series opener," and updated Moose Watch.

09:32 PM ET, Tuesday October 23, 2001 Added pic to Mussina/Gallery 14 and added a couple articles to the article archive, including "Mussina looks forward to World Series," also Chronology was updated.

01:23 AM ET, Sunday October 21, 2001 Added 2 more Moose wallpapers to the "Desktop Background" section. Check it out, the section is now up to six. (Desktop Backgrounds)

01:25 AM ET, Saturday October 20, 2001 Added 3 articles to the Article Archive: "Moose has kept Yanks loose," "Moose a perfect fit for Yanks," "Mussina ALCS Pre-Game Interview"

04:20 PM ET, Friday October 19, 2001 Added Recap of yesterday's game, updated postseason statistics, and added 5 new pictures to the Mussina/Yankees Galleries (1 in Gallery 13 and 4 in the new Gallery 14)

11:35 PM ET, Tuesday October 16, 2001 Added 6 more pictures to the Mussina/Yankees Photo Galleries (1 in Gallery 12 and 5 in Gallery 13) and created Gallery 13, the Mussina/Yankees section is now up to 80 pics. The stat people might want to check out the stat page as I added more to the section (ex. K/BB, K/9, WHIP, etc, etc) also added is Moose's postseason statistics. Moose Watch updated and two new articles added to the archive "No stress, no tension as Mussina masterfully delivers" and "Mussina masters A's".

12:40 AM ET, Sunday October 14, 2001 Added article to Article archive, "Mussina the man of the moment" and added recap of ALDS Game 3

08:25 PM ET, Sunday October 7, 2001 Added recap of today's game, updated Moose watch for the playoffs, and updated stats.

12:05 AM ET, Thursday October 4, 2001 New section added to the website, Mike Mussina Article Archive, view (HERE) more articles will be added soon, check here as I will post when I add more. Also added recap story of Moose's win over the White Sox and updated stats.

06:50 PM ET, Sunday September 30, 2001 A new section will be be added to Mike Mussina Fan Page by Friday, this new section will be an article archive, containing news articles of the Moose from his days with the Orioles to today's articles.

01:15 AM ET, Saturday September 29, 2001 9/28 Game Recap added, Moose Watch and stats updated

08:41 PM ET, Wednesday September 26, 2001 Added Yankees division title story and added a picture to Mussina/Yankees gallery 12, Moose with Mayor Giuliani.

01:22 AM ET, Saturday September 22, 2001 Added 3 new photo galleries (Gallery 10, 11, and 12), with the 16 just added, the total Mussina/Yankees Gallery contains 73 pictures. The stats and Moose Watch sections were also updated and a recap of last nights game was added.

11:16 PM ET, Wednesday September 19, 2001 Added Chat Room to Mike Mussina Fan Page, click (HERE) to chat.

03:26 PM ET, Monday September 17, 2001 Moose Watch updated.

03:00 PM ET, Monday September 17, 2001 The feature discussed below 'Randomize Imaging' was up and running earlier, but was quickly removed after slowing down the site. This feature is now canceled, because most people don't want to wait 3 minutes to load 84 images, for the feature to work.

02:35 PM ET, Monday September 10, 2001 A quick note: I will now be combining announcements and updates.....I have started programming a new feature for 'Mike Mussina Fan Page' this new feature, titled "Randomize Imaging," will fit on the front page and each time the page is visited or reloaded a new thumbnail image will appear, nearly 100 randomized images of Moose will be available. This feature is in early development, so I expect to have it ready by week's end. Thanks

03:10 AM ET, Sunday September 9, 2001 Added Mussina article to the 'News' section "Mussina peaking at right time"

09:35 PM ET, Saturday September 8, 2001 Updated Moose Watch, Stats, and added recap.

05:55 PM ET, Tuesday September 4, 2001 Added Moose's AL Player of the Week story to the news section.

03:30 AM ET, Monday September 3, 2001 Stats, Recap, Moose Watch, and gameday pictures updated.

12:40 AM ET, Tuesday August 29, 2001 Moose Watch, Stats, Recap updated.

02:38 AM ET, Thursday August 23, 2001 Updated Moose Watch, Stats, Recap, and Gameday Pictures (Link on front page to the 8 pics).

12:30 AM ET, Wednesday August 22, 2001 Added new Desktop Background. Check it out in the backgrounds section. (HERE)

03:25 AM ET, Tuesday August 21, 2001 Updated Mussina/Orioles Photo Section, I deleted all the old photos and added new ones, I did not change the format of that section, so it may be a bit slow. Click (HERE) to go to the "Pictures Home," then choose the Orioles section.

04:45 AM ET, Saturday August 18, 2001 Updated Moose Watch, Stats, and recaps. New Feature is up..."Game Day Pictures" a collection of pictures from a Moose game, only found here at MMFP. Click the link on the main page or click (HERE) to check out 9 pics of Moose's strong outing against the M's.

02:35 AM ET, Thursday August 16, 2001 Added Mussina/Yankees Photo Gallery 9 (6 more Photos), the 9 page Mussina/Yankees Photo Galleries now contain 57 pictures. Click (HERE) to check out Gallery 9.

11:15 PM ET, Sunday August 12, 2001 Moose Watch, stats, and recaps updated

01:23 AM ET, Wednesday August 8, 2001 Free Desktop backgrounds added, check the main page or Click (HERE) for the list of current backgrounds.

11:42 PM ET, Tuesday August 7, 2001 Updated Moose watch, stats, recap.

03:18 AM ET, Tuesday August 7, 2001 The main Page of 'Mike Mussina Fan Page' has been modified for a cleaner overall look and the most important part the page goes from 94kb to 70kb and will now load around 7 seconds faster. Also another note I have switched message boards the new one is (Here) Please register and discuss Moose, Yankees, baseball, or anything.

02:18 AM ET, Friday August 3, 2001 Updated Moose watch, stats, recap.

07:50 PM ET, Sunday July 29, 2001 Updated the Profile section, added a detailed year-by-year summary of Mussina's career. Check it out. Profile

02:15 PM ET, Friday July 28, 2001 Updated Moose Watch, Stats, and added recap.

4:02 AM ET, Monday July 23, 2001 Added Mike Mussina ERA chart to front page, moved MLB news wire from front page to "News" section to improve loading times. Also added 2 pictures to Mussina/Yankees Gallery 8.

11:45 PM ET, Sunday July 22, 2001 Moose Watch, Stats updated and recap added.

01:42 AM ET, Saturday July 21, 2001 New format in the "News" section and new background added to the main page. 1 item (Mussina pennant) added to Yankees collectibles section and 1 item (2000 Skybox Auto) added to Orioles collectibles section. BTW A new collectibles section will be coming in the future with more items and better pics.

11:41 PM ET, Tuesday July 17, 2001 New Picture added to Mussina/Yankees Gallery 8, Moose Watch Updated, Game recap added, and Mussina pitching statistics updated.

03:08 AM ET, Friday July 13, 2001 Stats, Moose Watch, and Game Recap updated.

02:50 AM ET, Monday July 9, 2001 New Mussina/Yankees Photo Galleries are now available. Go to the(Pictures Home) and click on the Yankee section, check this "Updates Page" as I will post in here when I add a new pic in any of the galleries. BTW a redesigned Orioles section (Photo Galleries), like the new Yankees section, will be up in August, with more pictures.

07:40 PM ET, Saturday July 7, 2001 Stats, Moose Watch, and Game Recap updated.

10:25 PM ET, Monday July 2, 2001 Recap of Today's game added.

05:45 PM ET, Monday July 2, 2001 Moose Watch & Stats Updated

11:40 PM ET, Wednesday June 27, 2001 Stats, News/Highlights Updated.

05:08 PM ET, Wednesday June 27, 2001 Moose Watch Section Updated.

04:35 PM ET, Sunday June 24, 2001 NEW Section Added 'Mussina Chronology' (View Here)

03:35 PM ET, Sunday June 24, 2001 Stats section updated

12:50 AM ET, Saturday June 23, 2001 The front page "face-lift" was completed early, it is now up.

11:06 PM ET, Friday June 22, 2001 Moose Watch Section Updated.

02:45 PM ET, Friday June 22, 2001 Message Board back (View Here)

-- Announcements --

11:41 PM ET, Tuesday 07/17/01, Our servers have been down 4 times today (12 PM, 1PM, 6 PM, and 9 PM) Angelfire is fixing the server problems, things should be back to normal late tonight or tomorrow.

08:00 PM ET, Sunday 07/01/01, New Picture section is being developed. The new section, will have more pictures, better quality pictures, and will be in categories. This section should be done within 7 days. It will be posted in the above updates section when complete.

05:25 PM ET, Monday 06/25/01, I was contacted via e-mail from a visitor to the site about a problem. It was brought to my attention that some of my pages are appearing blank when a link is clicked. If anyone else is having this problem just hit 'Refresh' on your web browser. I've been having some server problems with Angelfire, so that could be the cause. The server situation is being addressed.

05:18 PM ET, Friday 06/22/01, The front page is undergoing a "face-lift," if you are experiencing problems, this may be the cause. The new front will be up by Monday. Thanks

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