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Mike Mussina Article Archive
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Date Article (Click for story) Source
May 31st Orioles' Mussina Is Almost Perfect Washington Post
August 25th Team too glad for Mussina to stay mad Baltimore Sun
Oct. 1st What's past is past for O's Mussina Baltimore Sun
Oct. 2nd Mussina delivers when it matters most Baltimore Sun
Oct. 15th Mussina can't carry O's Associated Press
Oct. 16th Mussina legendary, not superhuman Baltimore Sun
Mar. 15th Utopian '97 leaves Orioles' Mussina at peace Baltimore Sun
April The Accidental Superstar Baltimore Magazine
April 17th O's will kiss frog to rid their prince of wart Baltimore Sun
Aug. 5th Mussina's 2 Hitter Baltimore Sun
Feb. 15th O's offer Mussina $50 million Baltimore Sun
Feb. 21st Mussina Just Wants to Get His Innings Associated Press
Mar. 18th Palmeiro to O's: Wrap up Mussina Baltimore Sun
Mar. 19th Agent, Angelos make strides in Mussina talks Baltimore Sun
Mar. 20th Mussina keeps emotions in check Baltimore Sun
Mar. 28th O's throw $10M more at Mussina Baltimore Sun
April 18th O's Timing off on Mussina Deal Washington Post
May 23rd Orioles' Ace in the Hole Baltimore Sun
May 26th Mussina Delivers Outside Pitch
Oct. 28th O's Mussina files, takes first step out the door Baltimore Sun
Nov. 30th Mussina agrees to $88.5 million, six-year deal with Yankees Associated Press
Nov. 30th Orioles ponder life without Mussina Associated Press
Dec. 6th A Man Who Likes His Quiet Comes to the Big, Noisy City NY Times
April 5th No stress, no tension as Mussina masterfully delivers SportsLine
May 3rd Mussina returns to Baltimore, this time as the enemy Associated Press
May 7th Mom: Mussina wanted to stay in Baltimore Baltimore Sun
June 19th Mussina excited to bloom as transplanted ace Baseball Weekly
Oct. 12th Mussina the man of the moment
Oct. 13th Mussina masters A's
Oct. 18th "Moose" a perfect fit for Yanks
Oct. 19th Moose has kept Yanks loose USA Today
Oct. 23rd Mussina looks forward to World Series
Oct. 24rd Mussina gets ball for World Series opener Associated Press
Oct. 26th Mussina Is Where He Wants to Be: On a Contender NY Times
Oct. 26th No celebrity status Associated Press
Oct. 26th Mussina adopts Yankees' approach
Oct. 27th Quiet Mussina looks to silence Diamondbacks The Record
Oct - Nov Mussina 2001 Postseason Press Conferences FastScripts
Nov. 2nd Muss Makes Amends For Game 1 Flop NY Post
Nov. 6th Mike Gets Taste of Bitter End NY Post
Jan. 20th Mussina's feeling good about Yanks' chances The Patriot-News
Feb. 16th Moose Gets Loose With Yanks Newsday
Feb. 27th Mussina Hopes Midas Touch Returns NY Times
Aug. 8th Wild Moose at a Loss NY Daily News

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