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Webmaster Bio

Andy Astleford-Webmaster

Probably my favorite movie of all time is "Rudy". If you've ever seen that show, you might recall how one kid, who grew up loving the game of football, used every ounce of determination and heart to make up for his lack of natural talent. He did this by suiting up on the scout team, and doing his best on every snap. Before the final game in his senior season at Notre Dame, all the starters approached the coach and said they would give up their spot so Rudy could dress out for one game. This movie gives me goosebumps every time I see it. It also inspires me to to do what I think is right no matter what others say or think about me. I have been doing web design for about two years now. I started in 6th grade when a friend and I jokingly said we could make a webpage. We actually did try and I have been hooked ever since. This is the third page I have attempted to make, and each time I think I get better at doing it. Just like Rudy, I am inspired not only to try my best while I am on the internet, but also as a person in everyday life. We all mess up at one point or another, but what counts is if you get back up.