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Owner/Head Coach Ben Hart

Coach Ben Hart currently resides in Garden City, Kansas with his wife Pam. For the past two years, Ben has been employed with United Methodist Youthville as a History teacher at the Dane Hansen School, and a Youth Care worker. Ben graduated from Douglas High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1963. He furthered his education by attending the University of Oklahoma, and received his B.S. degree in Special Education in 1968. Ben went on to MontClair State College in New Jersey to complete his Masters in Counseling Pyschology and Personnel Administration and did so in 1971. Coach Hart finished his education where he started, at the University of Oklahoma, and successfully obtained his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration and Student Personnel Services in 1975. In 1988, Ben incorporated the United States Federation of Amateur Athletes, Inc., a non-profit organization known as the US/FAA, which uses sports as a motivational tool to promote educational excellence as well as to inhibit juvenile deliquency. Coach Ben Hart is an educator, administrator, counselor, coach, player, and friend.

Ben's Coaching History




World League

1969-1992/12 years experience4 years experience8 years experience1 season for Tulsa Outlaws as Scout and Receiver Coach
6 different schoolsMay 1972-Stockton State College, NJOKC Wranglers, Warriors, Stampede, and DrillersNH, NJ, OK
April 1975-August 1978, Lanston University, Oklahoma

"Ben catching a pass for the University of Oklahoma!"

Ben's Playing History






Douglas HS-OKCUniversity of Oklahoma-NormanOKC Wranglers-1973Ottawa Roughriders-1970New Orleans Saints-1967
4 year varsity starter3 year varsity starterJersey Jays-Summer 1971Edmonton Eskimos-1971Houston Oilers-1968
3 time all cityFootball Sophomore of the YearMost Valuable Offensive Football team memberMontreal Aloettes-1972Kansas City Chiefs-1969
All-StateBack of the Year
All-AmericanAll Big 8 Conference Flanker

"Owner/Head Coach Ben Hart chosen as one of the greatest High School football players in the history of the state of Oklahoma - October 2000."

Additional Coaching Staff

Defensive Coordinator-Anthony "Buck" Buckner

Offensive Line-Cleo Reynolds

Assistant Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers-Kent Noble

Assistant Offensive Line-Lorenzo Hurde

Team Representative-Jeff Mooradian

Webmaster-Andy Astleford

Website Design-Jeff Mooradian

Sideline Crew-Deb Vang/Bonnie Peters and crew

Equipment Manager/Tech-Nick Snodgrass

Statistician-Andy Astleford

Team Chaplain-Kip Ryherd

Photographer-Naomi Warren