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Team Mission

Our Mission

The primary objective of the Lasers Competition Fast-Pitch Softball team if to develop the physical and mental skills of our players so they might have the opportunity to play softball at the college level.

Our emphasis is placed on

It is important to us to be a good example

In order for us to be successful we must accomplish all these things and do so in a manor that is consistent with our team values.

Team Values

Focus We will concentrate and give 100% hustle during practice and games
RespectWe will treat others with fairness and respect including teammates, coaches, parents, umpires and opponents
Sportsmanship We will display a positive sportsmanlike attitude whether we win or lose
Excellence We will work hard to realize our full potential and not settle for less
Integrity We will be honest, trustworthy and lead by example
Patience We will be patient with our teammates, coaches, parents and ourselves
Teamwork We will place a higher value on team accomplishment than on individual statistics

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