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Finding a California Community College!

Hi, and welcome to my guide to finding a California Community College!

I've put this "guide" together in an effort to help student-athletes learn more about the schools out here. It's quite basic and elementary (maybe even simplistic) and I'm sure many of you already know most of this. And it's certainly not intended as "the resource" on the state or the schools.

But I hope it can be a starting point.

This is mainly intended to help prospective basketball players, primarily from outside California, and I've tried to set it up for them. But I hope it can be a help to anyone who is interested in California Community Colleges, even if they're not planning to play basketball.

I'd suggest taking my pages in sequence. The first page (after this one) is an overview. Then there's a page on first contact - THE rule when it comes to finding a school to play for. I've also included some ideas on finding a team to play for. Then there's a summary of a lot of things in California. And after that comes a list of every Community College out here, and a brief comment by me. And finally, there's a list of every California Community College with links to all their websites and contact phone numbers.

One other pertinent question might be "how much does it all cost?" I personally have little idea. But I've recently come across an "average student budget" posted on the Mendocino College site, and posted it here. Remember, though, these are statewide averages and I'm sure the figures vary depending on which school you attend and how lavish your lifestyle is.

Good luck and I hope this helps. And of course if you have any specific questions, you can email me at

Continue the Guide

Page 2 - Finding a California Community College
Page 3 - First Contact
Page 4 - Finding a team to play for
List of California Community Colleges (with my comments)
Links to California Community Colleges
An introduction to California
Average Student Budget (from Mendocino College site)