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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is my chance to respond to Frequently Asked Questions.

Well actually, it's what I imagine would be frequently asked questions if I were frequently asked questions.

Or maybe it's just me talking to myself. In any case...

Who are your favorite teams?

At this level, I like everyone. Only at the major league professional level (NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB) do I root against anyone - those guys are well-paid pros and they can handle it.

Anyone playing at a JC deserves respect and encouragment. I see more games at the schools that are nearby (COC, AVC, Glendale, Ventura) but I make an effort to appreciate good players and good teams from anywhere. So if you perform, and I'm there to see it, you'll get your props regardless of which school you play for.

Do you cover all JCs in the nation, or just California?

Just California, and mostly Southern California though I see what I can in the North when I'm up there.

How do you decide which games to watch?

About a month before the season, I start putting together a "flight plan" in order to see all the top teams in the area at least once (see "My Tentative Schedule"). I look for games that are close by, but will drive a ways if necessary. And there's the annual trip north just before Christmas for some tourneys up there. Since I live in Valencia, I tend towards COC, AVC, Glendale and Ventura. In the fall, I also cover JC football (for and High School football (for the Daily News and so Fridays and Saturdays are a little busy in November and early December.

Your stats are different from what I see in the paper. Why?

First, in what paper do you see JC stats???

Anyway, I keep my own stats. I think it's fun, and besides, the voices in my head tell me I have to.

And I think I'm pretty good. However, the nature of a continuous-action game means that if several different statisticians score a game independently, they'll have minor variations in their numbers. Also, I've long been a fan of the NBA more than regular (4-year) college basketball, so my stats tend to reflect an NBA way of doing things. That's probably why I tend to credit more assists, for example, than other folks, though I also think there should be more of a bias in favor of assists since (1) you're rewarding something positive (passing the ball) (2) that ends in a positive result (a basket). Or maybe I'm just really observant and always see the pass. The one "college" way I follow is I don't count "dead-ball" rebounds (like when the first of 2 FTs is missed) in my tallies - only actual team rebounds (where the shot is missed and the ball goes out of bounds, for example).

I was just kidding about the voices.

What is an "Iverson Assist"?

TNT's Doug Collins first noted that Allen Iverson has a way of getting to the basket and drawing seemingly every player on the opposing front line towards him. Then as long as he gets the ball onto the rim, which he usually does, his teammates have almost a clear shot at an offensive rebound and putback basket. Though officially scored as a missed shot, this works almost as an assist in terms of the outcome.

Not to say Iverson doesn't get any other assists - he gets quite a few - but this is, in my mind, his most lasting way of helping his team, even if it hurts his own stats.

There's not much recruiting info on here. Why not?

It's not my focus; what the guys are doing at the JC level is. There are other sites that can tell you the recruiting stuff (who's looking at whom, who's leaning toward going where, etc), and many even have features on or interviews with the top players. I happen to think the games themselves are the most interesting part of it all, so that's what I focus on.

How much money do you get for all this?


I get a pass from the CCCMBCA, and sometimes a coach or SID at a school is kind enough to let me in for free, but this is a non-revenue site and I take no money from anyone for anything on here.

What are you trying to accomplish?

I hope I help players get recognition and exposure that can lead to scholarship offers, and I want to help fans, parents, friends, etc. get more info about these guys.

I don't often volunteer extended opinions or "scouting reports" on the site, but if anyone emails and asks, I'll answer at length. Often REALLY at length.

How long do you plan to keep doing the site?

As long as I enjoy doing it. And i can't imagine why I'd stop. I thoroughly enjoy it all.