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Archives - listed by season

2000-01 Season (mostly Northern California)
2001-02 Season
Summer of 2002 (includes SoCal Showcase & DVC Shootout)
2002-03 Season
Summer of 2003 (includes SoCal Showcase)
2003-04 Season
Summer of 2004 (includes 3 showcases)
2004-05 Season
Summer of 2005 (includes 3 showcases)
2005-06 Season
Summer of 2006 (includes 3 showcases/camps)
2006-07 Season
Summer of 2007 (includes 4 showcases/camps)
2007-08 Season
Summer of 2008 (includes 4 showcases/camps)
2008-09 Season
Summer of 2009 (includes 3 showcases/camps)
2009-10 Season
Summer of 2010 (includes 3 showcases/camps)
2010-11 Season
Summer of 2011 (includes 4 showcases/camps)
2011-12 Season
Summer of 2012 (includes shootouts)
2012-13 Season
Summer of 2013 (includes 2 shootouts)
2013-14 Season
Summer of 2014 (includes a shootout)
2014-15 Season
Summer of 2015 (includes a shootout)

Pretty much everything I've ever posted on this site is still here...somewhere. Feel free to search for that box score from 2001 or those highlights from the summer of 2006 here.

Since I don't use graphics or photos, I don't have to take anything off the site except some old tournament brackets. So you can go back and find material from past seasons and summers.

I've listed everything here by season or summer. I don't always update the old stuff, but I do sometimes update things that seem appropriate to update.

At any rate, happy searching...