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How To Use the ISP Blind Stake Ground Blind System

IT IS IMPORTANT TO POINT OUT THAT IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO CUT FOLIAGE TO CREATE A BLIND. SO IF YOU ARE NOT HUNTING PRIVATE LAND, CHECK LOCAL REGULATIONS BEFORE CUTTING LIVING LIMBS. COLLECTING FALLEN AND DEAD FOLIAGE TO CREATE THE BLIND IS STILL VERY EFFECTIVE. +++++++++++++ When using the ISP Blind Stake Ground Blind System you will blend into your surroundings better than typical ground blinds. Why? Because you are using your surroundings as cover. To use the stakes, locate your desired hunting location. To effectively build a blind, place the stakes into the ground around where you plan to sit. (Distance apart will vary depending on available foliage. Approximately 1 to 2 feet apart should be sufficient.) Next, before starting to build, sit in the spot and scan the terrain. Take note of any limbs that may disrupt you shooting lanes. These will be your first targets for use in the blind. IF NOT LEGAL, COLLECT FALLEN AND DEAD LIMBS. Also take notice of trail locations and anticipated point of arrival of the game. This way, you make sure these areas are adequately covered. Next, place the branches into the small loops on each stake and position them together to create the blind. You may also lay branches across each other without using the loops, once a sturdy frame of limbs has been established. (REMEMBER, IT IS ONLY NECESSARY TO USE AROUND 4 STAKES TO CREATE A BLIND WITH GREAT FRONTAL COVER. BUT IF YOU WANT THE BEST POSSIBLE COVERAGE YOU MAY WANT TO GO ALL THE WAY AROUND A TREE. THIS REDUCES THE RISK OF BEING CAUGHT BY AN ANIMAL COMING UP BEHIND YOU.) Last but not least, enjoy your hunt.

You CAN hunt big game effectively from the ground. You just need the right cover.

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