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CPS-1200 Shotgun

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CPSshotgun.JPG (97287 bytes)

while the shotgun nozzle piece is not in the gun for this shot, I get a nice picture out of it!!!


For this project, you will need the following:

1. Safety Glasses

2. Micro saw

3. Metal saw

4. Flathead screwdriver

5. Hammer

6.  5/8 copper pipe (same as WMG)

7. A vise or some way to hold down the copper pipe

8. Electric tape


cps1200shotgun.JPG (122486 bytes)

ahhh, one of my all time favorites, my CPS-1200 Shotgun.(nevermind the duct tape around the pressure chamber!!)



Before you begin, check all pictures on this site, so you can get a better idea of what is being described in the directions.

First, pry off that silly looking orange nozzle on the front of your 1200.  You may have to saw a slit in the top of it.

Next, measure up the nozzle 1 and 1/4 inches from the grey plastic mold.   It's better to start from the top, and slowly work down so you don't cut off too much(I don't know if all CPS-1200s are the same) Then cut it off!!! 

Next, with the metal saw, cut off a piece of copper pipe about 2 1/2 inches long.  Next, turn the copper pipe on it's end so you can look through it.  Put it in the vise this way(vertical) Make sure you have your safety glasses on.  Take a flat head screwdriver, and tap on the edge of the end of the pipe at a 45 degree angle until the rim starts to bend in, you do this 4 times, all the way around the copper pipe.  After testing the gun, you may have to adjust it. 

cps1200shotgun2.JPG (65099 bytes)

Next, the copper pipe is just a little to skinny to fit snugly into the sawed off orange nozzle.  So at the end of the copper pipe(opposide the hammered end) wrap a few times around with electric tape.  This is where the test fitting comes in.  If you put in too much tape, it won't go into the nozzle, and if you put too little, it won't hold, it will leak, and could fly off, being dangerous.  It should be snug enough so that you cannot take it off when your hand is wet, but when your hand is dry, and brute force, it will come out. (I have had to get mine off with pliers before.  If you test the gun out, and it leaks, it is too loose and needs more tape.  It should be fairly tight.  It should go in about 1 1/2 inches.

cps1200shotgun3.JPG (85773 bytes)  

cps1200shotgun4.JPG (86817 bytes)

cps1200shotgun5.JPG (134372 bytes)

Here are some shots of the Terminator in action.  Sadly, these shots do not do justice to this amazing weapon...the weapon is a lot more powerful than it looks, and gives a good kick.

cps1200shotgun6.JPG (81732 bytes)

cps1200shotgun7.JPG (79749 bytes)

sad, this gun is so much more powerful than it looks( after getting shot with it in the face, one comes to the realization of this fact.:)

cps1200shotgun8.JPG (84218 bytes)

cps1200shotgun9.JPG (71172 bytes)