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April 10th, 2014

Update - 05/22/12 - Website updated.  Working on a new look, as well as working on functionality.
Update - 04/22/12 - For years the preferred medium for Backyard Wrestling Feds has been VHS.  A cheap and relatively dependable medium, VHS tapes unfortunately have a tendency to wear down with multiple viewings, leaving you missing your favorite DSW stars, crying over your VCR's crying "WHY??!?!  WHY?!?!!"...  But fret no more!  We have finally entered the DVD age with DVDs of your favorite DSW stars in action.  But not only that, your favorite matches of the LAAW, EWF, and EPW are also collected on DVD for your viewing pleasure.  Complete with menus and chapters so you can skip directly to your favorite match, interview, or dance-off from our glorious history.
Update - 03/01/08 -

On a very cold Sunday Feb 17th 2008, at 10:30 AM, fans were shocked to see a black limo pull into the BWC wrestling training camp in Shawsville, VA ran by WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “The Boogie Man” Valiant. When the doors of the limo were open, out stepped DSW CEO Robbie Viars were had left his home in LA to return to his home state of Virginia. With him on this day was CWA wrestler Mikey Christian, as they were there to visit old friends, to train with the younger wrestlers, and to pose for pictures with fans. Robbie told the wrestlers how lucky they were to have the camp and to learn as much as they can from anyone who gave them advice. After the days training was over, the fans were treated to a free wrestling show with Robbie as the co-host of the event. After being at the training camp for over 6 hours Robbie and Mikey had to return back to the airport and return home. But it was a day the BWC will never forget!

The DSW kicked off its 2008 wrestling tour to a trip to the BWC Training Camp in Shawsville VA, well on Thursday night March 13th they are going to do it again. The DSW/TNA Alliance is coming to the Slam VA civic Center for a night of Total Non-Stop Wrestling action. For the 1st time in history the stars of TNA and the DSW will be in the same pace at the same time! What will happen when former 2-time DSW World Champion and CEO Robbie Viars and NWA Superstar Scottie Alley joins forces with Kurt Angel, A.J. Styles, Tomko, Lax, Christian Cage, Samoa Joe, and Gail Kim. The only way to find out is to be there live!
"Buffed Up"
Update - 12/09/07 - Late breaking news from DSW Championship Committee - Today in Roanoke VA, DSW CEO Robbie Viars and VP of talent relations The Trav met with wrestling superstar Buff Bagwell about a future contract agreement for Buff to come wrestle in the DSW Federation.  DSW website officials were unable to get comments from Robbie and Trav about what took place or what was discussed in this 2 hour meeting but Marcus Bagwell would not comment on whether or not he signed a deal, only saying that in 2008 the DSW would be "Buffed Up".

Update - 06/26/07 - Press Release from DSW CEO Robbie Viars:

For many weeks now you have seen on this website about how a wrestler named “Mikey Christian” was trying to work out a contract deal to wrestle in the DSW. Yesterday, I got a letter from Mikey where he wrote his own DSW/EPW PPV called “Cruel Intentions”, which really gave us a view of his version of how the DSW should be run. So after reading this show, I thought it was time to address the DSW fans on this matter. Today I called a 3-hour meeting with the DSW Board of Directors to talk over the “Mikey Christian” contract and if his view of the “New” DSW will happen. After this meeting and after talking with top DSW stars, we have come up with the following statement…

The DSW has a group of top level wrestlers who work together in hopes of making each DSW video better than the last, after talking with Mikey it is clear that he is not a team player and knew he did not have the talent to be in the DSW and tried to use his friendship with Robbie to be able to come into the DSW with a big push as a main event star. Something that is clear to everyone that he is not. Mikey has made statements about how Grimskull should not be in the DSW because he didn’t have the right skills, yet Grimskull is the one on TV while Mikey is the one wanting to be on DSW TV!! Also Mikey says that I don’t know how to “push” talent, yet the DSW is up to PPV #34, so we MUST be doing something right!! Mikey also claims that he is the “owner” of EPW (Elite Pro Wrestling) and says that he is the EPW champion. The real EPW was created by a group of talented wrestlers/friends, The Trav being included in that group, and he is currently the one in charge of archiving the fed’s years of history. The EPW officially stopped around 2002/2003, and for Mikey to talk about the EPW and claim himself as a champion is nothing but a joke, and something that he has no legal right to do.

Also, Mikey has made the statement that the DSW should change its name because to him anything with the word “Dark” in it is evil… yeah, well maybe Mikey should grow up and join the rest of us in the “real” world. Mikey, do you want to know what it’s called Dark Side Wrestling? It’s because that’s what I named it!! And another thing… Don’t you ever write another PPV “event” and tell me who is going to “win” the matches. Buddy, let’s get one thing straight right now… I’m the boss, I tell you what to do and you do it or you don’t make the DSW events… Sounds pretty simple to me. And did you really think that in your first ever DSW match that I was going to put you over (let defeat) 4 of the TOP DSW stars like you wrote into your PPV in the “King of the Mountain” match where you had wrote you would beat Scream, Rey, The Trav, and Mr. Perfect is ever going to happen? I wouldn’t count on it! You see your problem is you couldn’t be happy with just having a chance to be in the DSW, you thought you could run the whole show. So what we have here DSW fans is someone who thinks he is much bigger than the DSW as a whole, when in fact no single star is bigger than the group that made them a star. So what we are saying Mikey is don’t call us, we’ll call you. (Not)

DSW CEO Robbie Viars

Side Note from DSW Trav Lane…

Wow. There’s not much more to say… but I just had to say something. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been in the “wrestling business” for almost 10 years now… Maybe it’s the fact that at this point in my career; I’ve done it all, seen it all, and won it all… I could easily retire and be satisfied with what I have accomplished as a wrestling persona. We all start out in the business with a certain craving for Gold, stardom, fame. Respect. But Mikey’s way of going about obtaining these things was just inexcusable. You cannot “TAKE” these things, Mikey. You have to earn them. There is no way around it. If you try to take these things ahead of your time, you will not get anywhere. When I walk into a DSW ring, I do not see myself as a multi-time champion and my opponent as a “side character”. I go into each match with as much respect for who I’m wrestling as I’d have for a brother, or a family member. Now you can go and have your little dreams of becoming some “Goldberg” or “Brock Lesnar” character… but where are they now? Sitting at home eating Fritos watching DSW TV and crying to themselves. So keep that in mind when you dream of becoming some wrestling super-star. Keep that in mind when you try to create your “Christian Athlete Wrestling”, and your wrestlers stop showing up because they’ve realized that you are becoming an (Excuse the phrase)… Asshole. You CANNOT run a show by yourself, it’s a proven fact. If you try to “push” yourself faster than your other stars, you will be left wrestling yourself… And that doesn’t make for good TV, knowhatimean? Good luck with whatever you choose to do, my best advice I could give you would be to go into teaching Sunday School classes or something, and leave the wrestling to the big boys.

The Trav

Update - 05/29/07 - The DSW PPV Results section (PPV:18-34) and Title History section have been updated. Stay tuned wrestling fans. And enjoy.
Update - 05/23/07 - Hello wrestling fans.  You have probably been wondering why the lack of updates at the DSW website.  Well we here at DSW would like to inform our fans that the situation has been resolved and the website will be updated in the coming weeks to reflect what we've been up to.  Stay tuned fans.  And be sure to catch our newest PPV - "Forbidden" scheduled for May 26th 2007 - This Saturday.

5/23/07 Update - Exclusive Interview with The Traveler!!
DSW: OMG it's The Traveler!
Trav: It's just Trav at the moment, slap-ass.
DSW: Oh.  Trav.  Ok, my bad, lol.
Trav: What do you want?  Autograph?  Picture?  T-Shirt?
DSW: Actually I didn't really have any...
Trav: Well isn't that interesting?
DSW: ...
Trav: I asked you a question.
DSW: I...
Trav: It doesn't matter.  I'll tell you what, you're obviously being paid too much, so I'll help you out with your little "inter-view" you've created here.  Bottom line is bub: You let the DSW fans know that Trav is back.  Not "The Ice Man", not "The Traveler".  I don't need no G-X nor Travelerz this time.  This time it's all about one goal and one goal only...
DSW: ... The DSW World Heavyweight Title?
Trav: No.  Revenge.
DSW: You've been out of action for 3 years?  You think you can compete with these rising stars and DSW Legends?
Trav: You use what you got.  You do what you must.  And in the end, if it was meant to be, it's meant to be.  I've gone up against some of the biggest, baddest, mofos this side of any wrestling fed you can name and I'm still here.  The Trav is still here.

Update - 09/21/04 - A Fed Highlight video is possibly in the making very soon, spanning LAAW/EWF/EPW/ and the DSW. Want to earn a free copy? E-Mail the DSW with suggestions for a new federation name. Something catchy, something original, and win yourself a free copy of our first ever mass produced video tape! Note: This video will not be a PPV Event, but rather a collection of our best matches and happenings throughout our entire wrestling experience. Another Note: The name to be sent in is not a replacement name for the DSW, but rather for an extension of the DSW that will be a friendly yet competitive fed with the same superstars. (Think WWE and WCW since they are owned by the same numbnutted bastard - Vincent McMayonaise)
Update - 04/20/04 - We are attempting to upload the entire DSW Roster pages to this site. If some links on the roster page does not work, it is because we are still working on that bio page. More than likely, if the bio pic does not show up, neither will the bio page. I hope to have all the bio pages up sometime soon...
Update - 03/02/04 - "As we enter a new calendar year I look back and reflect on all of the successes that the DSW has had. If it were not for the dedicated talent that have worked with me this passed year we would not have been the successful federation that we have been. I know changes are a part of life and they are thrown at us everyday. This year will be no different. The difference is our outlook on them as we approach every PPV taping. The keyword for everyone's success is "teamwork." When there is a team shooting for the same goal, the obstacles become opportunities. I would like to say a big "thank you" to all of the team members in the DSW and I want you to know I support each of you as a team member. I appreciated everyone's contributions this past year and am looking forward to an even greater year this year. Keep up the great work."

- Robbie Viars, DSW CEO

Update - 01/09/04 - With cold weather set in, the DSW has been on break for awhile. In the following months we'll be back for some more trampoline wrestling action as only the DSW can bring to you. As for the site itself, we're still in the process of getting our bio pages up - they're coming, but it'll take awhile before they're completed. At the least, we'll get a list of our wrestlers up as soon as possible. Stay tuned DSW fans!
Update - 10/18/03 - Keep in Mind that most pages are under construction as of today, so a few pages are not accessible as of yet.
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