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South Saint Louis Corkball Club


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Our prayers go out to the Baxter's for the loss of their mom

Ziegenhein Wins

Hope everyone had a good time at the Tourney

Congrats to Sportsman 1 for their Championship

Thanks to all and hope to see you next year

Colberg Breaks 500

R. Hendrickson joins the 600 hit club

Spann finally gets to 500

Earner gets to 500

Tim Kobler busts the 1200 hit mark

Tim Sallee surpasses 900 hits

Mike Bracken reaches 1000 career hits

Ray Ridenour gets his 600th hit

Nick Ridenour gets his 600th hit

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Other Clubs in Saint Louis

Gateway     Lemay    Sportsman's    

Note: Still under construction

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