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The Mann

HelloMy name is EllenHello

Hello, my name is Ellen and I'm 16 years old. There really isn't a point to this website, it is mostly pictures of me and my friends. Just to tell you a little about me. I'm a Junior this year, and I've been homeschooling for 5 years come January of 2004. I only have 2 years of school left, how I finish doesn't really matter as long as I get done. Homeschooling is really all I know now, it'd be hard to go back. After school I plan on college where I will major in music education and probably minor is Spanish. My hobbies.....well, I take vocal and cello lessons, I like to sing and dance, and I can't forget REENACTING (check out the new page). Besides working at King Music, and playing in the Kankakee Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra I just hang out with my very good friend Derek or my love Dan. When I'm not with either of those, I might be with Keith or Alissa but they're way too busy for me. That's pretty much all of my almost non-existent life. So......just go ahead and look at the pics, that's the reason you're here. I'd bet a whole hell of a lot of money to guess that most of you are here to see Alissa's pics anyway.

Alright well, this site is still under construction, so you may want to check in every so often to see what has changed.

Hey all, just so you know I have another site too. It's:
Zoanthropic's Xanga
and for those of you who do not know, you can email me at

NEW PICS!...Reenacting: Real Living

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