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Alexei's Programs

"Style That Is Distinctly Yagudin"

Copyrighted Photo By Susanne Kempf

2001-2002 Season

Winter: By Bond

Man in The Iron Mask



Copyrighted Photo By Amy Salamey

2000-2001 Season

Revolutionary Etude: by Chopin

Gladiator: By Hans Zimmer


Gladiator: By Hans Zimmer

For You: By John Denver

My Baby You: By Marc Anthony

Stand By Me: From the Musical "Smokey Joe's Cafe"

Copyrighted Photos By J.Barry Mittan

1999-2000 Season

Tosca: By Puccini

Broken Arrow: Hans Zimmer

Nutcracker: By Tchaikovsky

Copyrighted Photo By J.Barry Mittan

1998-1999 Season

Lawrence of Arabia: By Maurice Jarre

Circus: By Alfred Schnittke



1997-1998 Season

Troika: By Svirodov



Mack The Knife

1996-1997 Season

Carmen: By Bizet

Ruslan et Lyudmilla: By Glinka


One Banana

1995-1996 Season

Gaite Parisienne: By Offenbach

Nutcracker Suite Piano Concerto: By Tchaikovsky

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