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The Vespa Advantage

Was Vespa a factor in Alexei's Olympic victory? Who knows?! One thing is a certainty, he believes in that which he consumes and endorses.

Initially, when word hit the net waves that Alexei had formed an alliance with Vespa Power Products, Ltd., skate fan skeptics had a field day with his decision. Of course, those of us who understand that Alexei is not the kind of person to snow his public, never doubted him for a moment.

These days, the buzz about Vespa has those skeptics scratching their heads and asking themselves, "Could it be???" Yes, it could be that Vespa factored into Alexei's formula for Olympic Gold!

For more about Vespa Power Products, Ltd., go to:

For about the price of a cafe latte and a donut, you could have a Vespa instead.

(While visiting the site, check out Alexei's Vespa poster. I have a feeling that someday those posters will be considered collector's items.)

This commentary was submitted by K. Rose - NJ/USA

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