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Solidarity In Skateland

On 9/29/01 members of the AYWFF attended the Magic on Ice Show, in Newington, CT, at Alexei's training rink.

The show was dedicated to the victims of September 11th. Before attending the show, one of our members learned that donations would be accepted for the Disaster Relief Funds. The AYWFF decided to do something to support the skater's efforts to raise money for this very worthy cause. Our members and officers raised $110.00, which was presented to the show's organizers prior to the Saturday evening show.

Magic on Ice was both poignant and dazzling, with Alexei being the leading attraction. He skated his new competitive programs,"Winter" and "Man in the Iron Mask." His performances were so breathtaking that we were, for a little while, able to experience joy and awe in the "MAGIC" he brought to the ice, despite the tragic devastation we were all trying to deal with at that time.

The AYWFF Officer Team

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