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Fan Memories

Copyright Owned By Kelly Behning

From Aim=E9e of Germany

I was looking forward to the world's for three months- when the Europeans were over, the time couldn't be shorter till the world's, I hoped that Yagudin would be able to take revenge for his second place in Bratislava. So I created a 'day-counter'-I had a paper with every day till the 18th of march, and I was happy every evening, when it was one day more less. Then, it was wednesday- the short programm. I couldn't see it earlier, because of the time difference between germany and Canada. bit at this day, in school, I couldn't just sit, I was so full of energy and the question: will he be able to give the best? I didn't knew that he was injured, not yet. after school, the pressure was too big- I read in the video text.. and he was only third after the short programm! that was a horrible moment = for me, really. I still had one hour untill the broadcast would begin, so I went to the computer and read in an article in the internet, that he has been handicapes by a painfull injury! But nevertheless, I felt much better right then, and when I saw him skating, his wonderful programm, full of emotion and energy, so gorgeous, I was sooo glad, I believed I could fly, really. He fought, how he does that so often, and that was much better then every first place of the world- he was injured and nevertheless he didn't give up-he was GORGEOUS.

Deidre from USA

The greatest Alexei moment that I have from the whole experience of the World Championships had to be Gladiator. Never before had I seen someone so determined and so into the audience. It was almost, that for a moment, it had stopped being a competition, and became just a lovely piece of art to observe. And despite his injury, I believe many of us felt that he was still a Champion. He went out on the ice and skated with such a sense of warmth for us all. We love you are a AMAZING!

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