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In Rememberance of Winter

Coprighted Photo By Susanne Kempf

While Alexei was in Russia over the Christmas and New Year's holidays, preparing for the European Championships, the AYWFF decided to have a surprise waiting for him when he returned to the USA... just a little something to show our continued support and appreciation for his hard work and and hard won accomplishments in the sport of men's firgure skating. We pondered the question, "What could we possibly get a guy that most likely has six of everything, and then some?" We thought about his extensive traveling from show to show and competition to competition. Voila! Perhaps he could use a photo organizer to keep the many photos that he has collected of family and friends! And indeed, we were able to find such a thing. It is made from cherry wood, with places to put photos, both inside and out. There are compartments to put photos in sleeves on mini-wracks, as well as compartments for other travel momentos. Before the photo chest was boxed and wrapped, it was decorated with various winter scenes. On the lid of the chest, is a special message, "For Alexei, in Appreciation of... A "Winter" of Enchantment, 2001-2002 AYWFF", then the website URL is below that. Happy Holidays, Alexei!

Alexei's photo box from the AYWFF!

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