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September 22, 2002: Hmmm, this page is really lame since I never update it anymore! I am thinking about turning it into sort of an "Andy, the Early Years" page since most of the info is from his first year or so on the tour, and even info on his junior career.

Oh yeah, and some of you have let me know that you can sometimes not view the page due to something called "Excessive Bandwidth Consumption", which basically is a dumb thing Anglefire made up so that when too many people visit your webpage because (GASP!) it has become popular, it shuts itself down and they try and get me, the page owner, to fork over $4.95 a month to pay for more of their bandwidth. Well, too bad for them I need my $4.95 for more important things like my car payments and food.

If you ever get the bandwidth message, just try again later or when the tournament is over (I find this message shows up the most when Andy does well in a tournament). Hope the new fans enjoys the old info since the old fans can't enjoy the new info!

Don't forget about Andy's official website You can get every bit of information there that you would be able to get here, and it is updated almost everyday with news and exclusive pictures. Keep cheering him on!!


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