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All About Me

Full Name:Angela Lorraine Notti(some times I wish it were something strange like Abarushia Levinica Tapioca or something like that)
D.O.B.: July 12, 1983
Eyes:Brown Hair:Black(I guess)
Place of Birth:Bethel,AK
Current Location:Bethel
Other Stuff:
Things I Like:Intelligent people,H20,Sports, Music(listening and playing), Writing, Photograph, animals and pink champagne
Dislikes:Stupid women,sleazy men,beer,soggy corn flakes and windy days
Addictions:none at the time
Favorite saying:"Sometimes I wish the world would open up and swallow everything I hate."-anon
Future Plans:take over the world
A Few Things I do:I work of course,for First National Bank of Alaska,Anica Family Store on the weekends and for my self at Junk Yard Ent.(a small gift shop/mail order biz);I skateboard and snowboard, I really suck, but I do anyways;I go out to coffee bars take walks in parks;I go to raves when I can;I fix bikes;I write an anti-authoritarian zine called Junk Yard Press;Build webpages;I do vouleenter work;;I do other things, but you don't need to know that much about me!
Pets:I currently have no pets do to a string of bad luck,my dog Seven Eleven was bit by a rabid fox,my dog Cindy was put down,my rabbits got Phnomonea and I guess my fish drowned.
School:I have some college and I have done a few certificate programs and am half way threw 2 different diploma programs and just started another one.
I will fill this up more later.

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