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Junk Yard Press

Well, as soon as I get more time I will be putting some of the things that are in my hard copy zine on this site, not all the stuff thats in the zine will be on this page and not all the stuff on this page will be in my zine so if you want to see everything I guess you will have to get the hard copy and check this page out.I decided that some of the stuff that is in the zine will be put in the fun pages, so you might want to check that out too.

Junk Yard Ent.

Hey, we have a store now. The location is 911 ptarmigan, across from Uivik. We don't have regular store hours because we don't get enough customers,but if you want to check out what we have you can call to see if I am in the number is 543-3072. There are different kinds of gifts,t-shirts,candles,toys,stickers and other things like that. Since we have a small amount of space we give discounts to people that want to order what they want out of a catolog.Mail order discounts are 10% off or more, and that will only be until we can get a bigger store front. We have got some good deals so come check it out.


We finally got someone to sponsore a giveaway.Big thanks to Fat Wreck Chords for supplying the sample cds. The CD's title is The Exfloyded, there are 12 songs from different bands like;Lagwagon, NOFX, The Real McKenzies and more.In case you don't know its punk music. All you have to do to get a copy is send $1 cash or check in a SASE to:CD GIVE AWAY,P.O. box 1347#800,Bethel, AK 99559 or if you live in Bethel contact me,Angela at 543-3072.


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Check out the chat room, there might not be anyone in there, but if more people start stopping in then more people are likely to check it out. Also, if I am online I will be signed in to chat, so you can chat with me.

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