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Pictures, by Angela

Here are my super cool pictures. My super cool friends and everything in my world that is super cool. Ok, so maybe I'm a dork.

I like cheese


Family Pics 1 ||| Agoo|||Dawn Marie|||Baby Girl|||Uncle Bob||| Me,Dawn,Sid,Bobby,Ty,Dario||| Leslie & Dawn, Big Dario and Jayme||| The mom,the bugs and the me||| A few cousins, a kid and a dog||| Jayme,Jayme,Jayme||| A bunch of Cousins||| Jayme and Friends||| Some Kids that I know||| I met them more than once||| Just the 2 of us||| Jayme,Dario and Eugene||| If you can see then look||| The Phillips

Bethel & Stuff

Bethel and them ||| Bethel|||Bethel from the Sky|||More Bethel|||Bet-9/03


Dal & Billy||| I am working on this at the time

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