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The Fun Pages!

The Fun Pages

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Welcome to The Fun Pages!

We have not had much time to get to this page. We will continue working on it some time soon, thanks for taking a look.Please come back to see what we get..

"Having a Mohawk was really cool. At first I felt silly, but after a couple days, I got quite used to it and actually embraced it. I liked being the 'Mohawk Guy.'"--O'Kieth

But how great is a workplace when it is encouraged to come in dressed for Halloween. Folks have been known to wear shirts with dirty words on them, or shorts in the cold of winter, and shoes are entirely optional. Some of my co-workers have even dyed their hair "crazy colors" like blue.

Normally blue is not a crazy color, like salmon, but when referring to hair, I think this qualifier is on the money.

by Allie Maida
I like rocks. I don't know why people have bad connotaions with rocks.I think they are pretty.
People like gems.Why?Cause they shine?Lots of stuff shines.And a lot of the time it's fake and not as expensive as it looks.Good quote:"That which glitters isn't always gold."So there.
Do they like gems because you can cut them all pretty and they're colorful?Here, I have some crayons and scissors.That should do the job.Now give me a million dollars.ROCKS ARE RARE!I pick them up all the time on the beach. I used to put them in my garden.No two were alike.All gems look the same.How is that rare and beautiful? The sea,rivers, and other natural things shape rocks.Who,may I ask, shapes gems? All that I'm saying is that rocks should be more appreciated.