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Tiger Woods ( The no 1 golfer )

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Manchester United

The youngest player to win the Masters !

The American hero !!!

Tiger Woods became a professional in golf at the age of 17 only when he won the richest prize in golf. The youngest player to win the Masters Cup !!! From then he just kept going on on and on to win the US , British .... and become part of the best in golf to win all 4 major championships in history

Tiger has never been a resting type. Even after finishing a tiresome round of golf , he will not be resting in his hotel room but instead carrying out clinics for the young golfers of the future generations.

How many of us would be playing golf at the age of 17. We are all busy studying ! But tiger has been playing golf since he was 5 years old !!! Wow , isn't it ? Tiger, keep up with the Birdies and Eagles !!!

Tiger is now targetting to become the best golfer in history. He already has broken so many records and may he continue in the new millenium !!!