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The Undertaker ( The American Badass )

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The best Wrestler in the world ! The Deadman walking !!!

"That ring is my yard and I am the big dogg who runs that yard "

The last man standing. The Undertaker is by far the only man back from the dead. The greatest WWF wrestler in WWF history. The American Badass just keeps on adding casualties in the Deadman's Inc. !!!

Have you ever wanted to go for a ride with the Undertaker ? Well, if you had you better change your mind. Because your ride is just going to be " The last Ride ". Another thing, just keep yourself away from his " chock slam " because that is probably the sign of game over for you.

Can he do it again ? Be the World Wrestling Federation Champion ? Its going to be a challenge for all those wrestlers to stand up to him. Because his JUDGEMENT DAY IS NOW. The deadman is BACK. The Phenom will stop for nothing.

Rolling... Rolling....Rolling The Undertaker and Kane , the only dwellers of the darkness !!!

The Undertaker is surely looking for vengeance. The Phenom is not stopping now as he searches for his WWF crown. A victim is out there in the dark nights and its time to dig a grave !!! ( By Adnaan )