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Unofficial DEI Pages



Welcome to my Unofficial DEI Pages, since the untimely death of Dale Earnhardt, I have decided not to root for one driver again. Now, I will root for the drivers of Team DEI in memory of Dale. Included are up to date stats of all DEI drivers and pictures of them as I get them. Please come back often.

This is for the one who could see air,
The one who passed cars like they weren't there.
This is for the one we all wished we could be,
This one goes out to the black number three.

You were the one we thought could never die,
And now you're with Neil, racin' in the sky.
Dale, you were hated, loved, and everything in between,
But no one can deny you're the best we've ever seen.

We grieve for your children, your wife, and your fans,
Even tears gather for those filling the stands.
Racing continues, something we all must do,
Yet every race will be missing someone--you.

So here's to the Intimidator we fondly call Dale,
Who rattled cages, and entertained us so well.
Here's to 76 wins, and trophies galore,
Here's to exiting by window and not by the door.

Here's to the man so many hold dear,
Who would've won number eight this year,
But God waved the checkered, calling you to heaven,
Where He gave you the eighth, replacing all seven.
Written By:
Jenni Thompson

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