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To read my excuse for not updating, click below. Or, if it's more to your liking, e-mail me your videos and I'll gladly post them, provided there isn't too much anal sex. Thanx.


Thank you for your understanding.

To see the videos simply click the link. It's that simple.


Tailslide to fakie
Muska with a 50-50
Muska witha K-grind and a ghetto blaster
More Muska
Muska with a boardslide
Muska with a 270 frontside flip
Muska with a 360 flip


Kareem pulls a hardflip
Kareem with a nollie hardflip

To view my video simply right click and click "save target" or "save link as" depending on which browser you're using. Or, just click the link.
NOTE: This video contains some very minor course langugage which is probably no worse than anything else on this page. Discretion is advised.


Again, if any of these pictures are copyrighted... yada yada yada....


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