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Born: May 20, 1977
Sign: Taurus
Age: 23
Style: Street
Influences: Hip hop, rap, R&B, and leprechauns.
Wigger: Yes.

Born in Lorain, Ohio and feared in the ghetto, Chad Muska is one of the world's most influential skaters ever to grind a rail while holding a boom box. Although know worldwide as "The Muska", Chad doesn't have an ego. When reached for a comment he said, "The Muska does not affiliate with the message you communicate." As you can see, Chad is really f*cked up. Having invented his own style and having mastered hundreds (perhaps even thousands, dare I say millions?) of tricks such as the 900, the heelflip darkslide, the casper, the 472 rocket air, the indy frontflip and most impressively the skateboard.

Chad's influence in the world of professional skating goes beyond the confines of the space-time continuum. Born in Lorain, Ohio, Chad was once (get this) white. Chad began listening to hip hop music at a young age and slowly watched as his body produced more and more
melanin until Chad himself became black. Chad adopted many urban hip hop scenes as his "hoods" and put places like Detroit, Compton and Harlem and Montana on the map.

  As a matter of fact, without Chad's supernatural abilities Christianity as we know it wouldn't even exist. Once when the Pope was walking down the street, a bullet flew through the air headed towards the Pope Himself. Fortunately for the Pope, Chad was there in time to do a 720 kickflip into a one-footed, noseslide manual and block the bullet with his own body. For his heroic actions, Chad was awarded the prestiged., 1996, World-wide Wigger award for his noble actions in the Vatican City.

Having already won 4,256 street competitions world-wide, Chad decided to persuevert. In 1998 Chad won 47 consecutive tournaments after landing thevaunted 1620. Chad will always be remembered for his cunning street tactics,his ghetto connections, and his Nike endorsement, but most of all he willbe remembered for being a role model and the time he spent treating the woundedsoldiers in Vietnam. Chad was many things to many people and will continueto liveon in all the hearts and souls of all who smell what "The Muska"is cooking.


Sincerely Please be aware that this biography is a parody and was not written by or approved by Chad Muska, Ghetto Child and/or Circa Footwear. Please take this with a grain of salt. That or join the PTC.